martes, 13 de julio de 2010

2nd Waxahachie Sex Ring Exposed

I originally said I didn't care what consenting adults did or do, as long as they are adults and they consent and there's not a hypocritical component to it.

Well, these are adults engaging in "swinger's" parties with very influential prominent people in Waxahachie. Mainly consisting of doctors, physicians, nurses and dentists. But they're consenting adults. That, I have no problem with. If they want to engage in all sorts of weird sexual behavior, provided they are adults and consenting ones at that, I don't care. Literally, I don't.

But in Duncanville, a swinger's club was raided by Cedar Hill/Duncanville police using a battering ram, SWAT teams, tactical units and the evidence recovered were all legal items: guns, cash, liquor. These were consenting adults engaging in private behavior. What was different about Duncanville was that they utilized a whole bunch of public resources -- parking lots, streets, sidewalks -- and mythical non-compliant permits and licenses to hold such businesses. Who cares, really? I don't. hit a popularity climax due to my blog's support for what consenting adults should be able to do -- behind closed doors.

However, the hypocrisy was evident: those influential, prominent people could engage in this sorta thing, but not if others did it, and if others did it, government would be used tos top it. It's like fighting the war on drugs and jailing non-violent drug offenders when cops at Ennis Police Dept. were guilty (none of them went to prison, though) of trafficking drugs straight on I-45. Hypocrisy sucks. That's where I draw a line.

And, another thing, the prominent people covering up for, and becoming character witnesses for, a man Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough, to engage in alleged sexual crimes against little children are also members of this adult doctor Waxahachie sex ring.

That's hypocrisy.

But, carry on, doctors and nurses. I don't care as long as you are consenting adults. Maybe it's Dr. Bruce Hacker, the Ovilla "doctor" who is not licensed and has been jailed twice on fondling women but has never been prosecuted, who is behind this sex ring. Maybe that explains why he gets away scot-free.

I just don't like the hypocrisy. So if certain "elements" of society that were not influential and who wanted to swap out their wives and husbands to other couples' wives and husbands and did it behind private doors and didn't harm anyone, you wouldn't hear a peep out of me. Seriously, you wouldn't.

But when this spills out into hypocrisy, that's where I raise the bullhorn.

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  1. Mark Singleton is dating a very sexy lookin dentist from Waxahachie, so does that make him part of this ring to.