jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Should Fraternity That Admits Following Lucifer Lay Cornerstone @ School?

I know this is bound to generate all sorts of commotion, phone calls, conspiracy theories and buzz, but that's why you guys love me :)

Reading the front page of the Red Oak Record today, I couldn't help but spot the request by Midlothian school board trustee Duke Burge ask if Red Oak ISD would allow the Freemasons to dedicate a cornerstone on the school.

For those who have no basic concept of Freemasonry, I'll let you do your own research. To those who do, the books and writings and statements made by Masons (some of my relatives/ancestors were Masons) should concern you...or not surprise you in the least...you know, the stuff about Lucifer being the source of the Temple light, or the whole goal/objective of these social fraternities is to serve the light source, which is Lucifer. It's in their writings...I'm not making this up.

So should we curse Red Oak High School with a stone from an organization that counts Lucifer as the light source?

As everyone allows these statements to sink in, I am laughing and grinning waiting for the reaction I am seeking...so for whatever reaction I get, please know that it is by design...

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  1. Sun worshipers call themselves luciferian and illuminati i.e. illuminated ones...I hear the secret is just to NOT go to the light!?!

    Too much Tipsy ;)

  2. The top video on top is a cut version of one I have seen before. The one I saw before was much longer and the guy was going on and on about,"...oh sweet lucifer."
    I will look for it.

  3. All you have to do is youtube the following words

    illuminati gaga - shows lady gaga doing satanic illuminati rituals (yes I know she seems like a "ditz" but it goes deeper)


    satanism music industry - and watch the multi part video of mason

    Masons are luciferians who try to exalt themselves into worshipful masters (gods).
    This is what lucifer did in Isaiah 14.

    We've just been given propaganda that satanism has bald headed freaks with knives & red pentagrams. Many times they wear suits, ties, and will give you a firm "handshake".