martes, 13 de julio de 2010

I Tried Warning You People! Linda Hunnicutt 'The Granny Warrior' is a Scam Artist

I and many others tried warning people about the Linda Hunnicutt/Freedom County, Texas scam. Now she's fled with a whole bunch of investors' money to GOd knows where.

It's now a breath of fresh air that Michael Badnarik has finally said something about her --- because as many in the Ron Paul community know, Badnarik was going to run for sheriff of this Freedom County. It's actually in Red River County, Texas, at last knowabouts.

But, like many, many, many past ventures and scams Linda Hunnicutt has been involved in (she even threatened to sue me at one time, which...would be her biggest mistake), she took the money and fled. How proper.

You can do a search of this blog - The Ellis County Observer - or via Google and find out all sorts of juicy stuff.

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