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Red Oak | Lots of Juicy Info for ROISD, ROPD, Etc., Etc.

Everything-Red Oak in this one...met up with an old friend, heard all sorts of good juicy Red Oak school district political rumors (the main one being: the $95 million high school projected to hold all sorts of students is met with the reality that ROHS lowered enrollment by 70 students this year), and just received this via e-mail:
Re: Red Oak PD/Open Records Run-Around/Etc

Errors in ROPD memo, April 12, 2010:

"During the last Council meeting on March 8, Steve Hedtke....made allegations against the ROPD stating the department had failed to act regarding a complaint filed by Chris Moses....."

Steve Hedtke's allegations covered a year and a half's worth of SEVERAL complaints made by Chris Moses. Steve Hedtke mentioned the Dustin Merimon incident as a RECENT RESULT of the PD's inaction the last year and a half.

"Moses told Lt Brock that prior to that council meeting Moses read the letter Hedtke planned to present to council and told Hedtke at that time that he didn't agree with the letter...."

an Open Records Request for this tape was responded to with a certified letter saying they refuse to release the allegedly recorded conversation. Not only does this call Mr. Moses a liar based on his public testimony before Council at the April meeting denying he made such a statement, it also begs the question of the PD's comprehension: if they got Steve's speech so wrong, I can only imagine how wrongly they interpreted Chris' statements.  The fact that Chris Moses was recorded during what he thought to be an off-the-record conversation is another SNAFU with this Department's actions.  Mr. Moses has my advice and support to file a slander suit against the City for calling his honesty into question in a public forum and refusing to back it up with evidence.

"Over the course of the past year and a half, Chris Moses has informally complained about a number of problems in his subdivision; however, he never wanted to formally file a complaint against anyone."

Chris has stated several times that he wanted to file, and in fact when this memo was read aloud at the Council meeting the wording in this part was changed to reflect that, but the error was printed anyway. A public apology is owed to Chris Moses for misrepresenting his stance here.

"During this time period, as a result of Moses' informal complaints, we met with individuals in the neighborhood to discuss the issues in an effort to try and resolve their differences."

This is exactly the type of problem Steve noted in his speech: the PD's inaction to DO THEIR JOB. And as Mayor Hugley made very clear at the May meeting :
"The police department is not in the business of mediating."

"At one point we had a summit at the police department with all the individuals involved. At this meeting all parties came to a consensus to try and get along"

Not only does an open records request show no evidence whatsoever about a "summit of all the individuals involved"  but testimony from Chris shows that NOT all individuals were included in a meeting and that NO consensus was reached. I find it highly disturbing that the PD made it a point to record a citizen's comments about a speech but recorded NOTHING about a situation that was brewing with hostility.

"The department has gone out of its way to resolve these conflicts"

They should NOT have  gone "out of their way" and should have stuck to their duty and not talked a citizen OUT of filing official charges.  As he mentioned at the May meeting: Chris Moses' mistake in this was respecting the advice of our police department and other city officials. His example shows us that we should apparently NOT be doing that.

"On Feb 13 Moses filed a formal complaint of aggravated assault"

Chris Moses testified that the complaint was  NOT "aggravated assault."  My request for information regarding verification of this original complaint has been deflected .  I am still waiting for a response to my request for just the compalint filed -- i have received two responses saying no document "is responsive", when this memo shows that one clearly had to exist. Which brings up another point: how much money is the City wasting trying to keep these documents from being released? How much in PR will this cost the city?  Why have I received no answer for my request for help in how to phrase an open records request regarding Chris Moses' original complaint against Dustin Merimon?


"Although Hedtke stated he viewed the video evidence and saw a violation of the law, no one from the ROPD or EC & DA's office observed any violation of the law on this video."

Steve Hedtke never clarified WHICH video evidence he saw where a violation of the law was evidenced. He was mostly referring to the one linked below .  The PD never once contacted Steve Hedtke to clarify what he saw.

It appears that several people consider this type of action blatant disorderly conduct where the person doing this should have been arrested.
I find it telling that Viki Spraybary's vocal antics on the ECO internet radio show reveal just how much she "doesn't care."  She launches into hysterics that get her hung up, her son Dustin Merimon is fired for unprofessional conduct, her husband Dwayne Spraybary calls City Hall under a false name numerous times, and their neighbor Eston Masterson is videotaped displaying disorderly conduct .  Yet it's CHRIS that is called to question over this incident?

"In closing I would like to say that a thorough investigation was conducted by the ROPD and the EC&DA's Office."

Steve Hedtke's speech detailed a year and a half's worth of evidence that was NOT acted upon in a professional manner by the ROPD. NONE of that other evidence is investigated at all in this memo. The memo itself wasn't even thorough in its response to Steve Hedtke's actual allegations.

"Hedtke's claim that the department took no action was outrageously false."

Hedtke's claim was that the PD took no appropriate action during the year and a half that this was allowed to escalate. Considering that we have no record of any summit of "all individuals involved," there was NEVER a summit of all individuals involved , and that even Mayor Hugley acknowledges the PD is not in the business of mediating, the conclusion reached in this memo is flat out WRONG and in fact the memo itself verifies the allegations in Steve's speech .

even Alex pointed many inaccuracies out at the meeting:

Regarding the Red Oak Police Memorandum dated 12Apr10
Ref: Moses v. Merimon Investigation.

Officer Rudolph makes several allegations in this memorandum about my dad's speech that are incorrect: I'd like to take a moment to set the record straight.

In my Dad's speech, he said:
"It has come to my attention that an upstanding citizen of Red Oak named Chris Moses as well as his family have been the recipient of despicable and illegal attacks by Dwayne Spraybary and Eston Masterson also of Red Oak."

Please notice that neither of these guys were included in the PD's $2500 investigation.

My Dad also said:
"I later learned that Mr. Moses diligently reported these attacks, along with video taped evidence that I have seen, to the police department in Red Oak."

Please note that my Dad never clarified exactly what he saw on the video taped evidence, and the PD never contacted him for clarification: They Assumed.

My Dad also said:
"The Red Oak police dept has ignored a year and a half’s worth of complaints and evidence showing a pattern of stalking, harassment, dangerous behavior, verbal threats, disorderly conduct and outright attempts at defamation and have refused to do their job which is to protect Mr. Moses’ life, liberty and property.

Not only was "assault" never listed in my Dad's speech, but he clarified that "their job" is to protect Mr. Moses' life, liberty, and property, which they admit they have been unable to do.

My Dad also said:
"In a recent incident disgraced former Hutchins police officer Dustin Merriman relative of Dwayne Spraybary, while in full uniform trespassed on Mr. Moses property, made verbal threats against Mr. Moses that were brought to fruition when the entire Stainback community was targeted in an intentional, misleading and cowardly attack on Mr. Moses character."

Note -- again-- that my Dad specified verbal threats --not assault-- and the Police Memorandum never investigated the malicious letter that was mailed to our neighborhood: something Merimon said he would do.

My Dad also said:

"The actions of these “bullies” have gone unresolved for way too long and needed to be addressed long ago. There are laws on the books against such deeds, but it seems that the police don’t want to act because of the appearance of favoritism to Mr. Moses."

My Dad's speech encompasses several events, not just one incident.


written shortly after the April City Council meeting:

Steve Hedtke's speech describes a year and a half's worth of evidence, not one video.  Officer Rudolph's "thorough investigation" looks at one video and dismisses "Mr. Hedtke's allegations"  as "outrageously false!"

This speech was written before Steve Hedtke's decision to run for City Council and given knowing that many would unfortunately and erroneously see it as some sort of campaign tactic and would likely cost him many political points. However, the events described in this speech are not about "Mr. Hedtke's Allegations" but a family living in fear because of the illegal actions of their neighbors.

Steve has repeatedly clarified that he hopes the handling of the Moses-Masterson-Spraybary-Merimon incidents are some sort of anomaly based on Red Oak's excellent track record of serving the public, but based on Officer Rudolph's unprofessional and inaccurate portrayal of Mr. Hedtke's speech, it is difficult to continue assuming that to be the case.

Officer Rudolph clarified that they have the conversation w/ Mr. Moses about Steve's speech recorded: I'd like to see how thoroughly they documented the consensus that they claim to have established, especially considering that Mr. Moses reports never having been part of a conversation or meeting where "all parties" met:  We call on the Police Department to produce evidence of this "summit" and are filing an official Open Records request for any documentation, as well as the conversation they recorded with Mr. Moses and Lt. Brock as described in the memorandum.  We hope they documented their alleged summit as thoroughly as they tried to document statements made by Mr. Moses about a speech that paints the ROPD's handling of one case in a negative light.

Mr. Moses clarified at the Council meeting that every time he called the police he was advised to NOT file formal charges for one reason or another. Mr. Moses' respect for our local law enforcement led him to accept their advice against his better judgment.  And now that action is being used against him to excuse the inaction of the Police Department.

Mr. Moses also clarified that he DID NOT file a formal complaint of aggravated assault against Dustin Merimon: he filed a complaint of terroristic threat.

The numerous errors of basic fact in this memorandum lead us to be very concerned with the professionalism of the Red Oak Police department: it documents $2500 to investigate "thoroughly" one piece of evidence instead of the pattern of behavior detailed in Steve's speech: that's akin to looking at a huge pizza with tons of ingredients, picking up one mushroom off the top, analyzing it thoroughly, and deciding that it has never been on a pizza because they found no evidence of pizza sauce.  Casey Hargrove noted that Council does have a responsibility to step in if they see the PD crossing the line of acting in an unprofessional manner, but Councilman Hargrove did not address even once the factual errors in the Memorandum.

Mr. Tedesco was appalled at the language being used in the Council Chambers Monday evening: he should be. That language was and is used against the Moses family on a regular basis by Eston Masterson, and is continually dismissed. Mayor Hugley was spot on when he said "That's Enough."-- it should have been enough last May too.   We would be concerned if that sort of language was NOT appalling.   Mr. Tedesco also cautioned that we need level-headed councilmen to be elected to the City Council, but he did not detail exactly what about Steve Hedtke's comments or speech was not "level-headed."

City Council and Mayor Hugley cautioned Officer Rudolph that they need to be aware that the situation down on Stainback Court is NOT over, that this is a situation many in the City know is escalating, and that further action will need to be taken.

Apparently it doesn't take $2500 to realize that.

It would have been nice if during the "thorough investigation" the Red Oak Police Department conducted they could have picked up the phone and asked Mr. Hedtke to clarify his concerns.
That would have been a freebie that could have saved the ROPD a public memorandum full of unprofessional errors.

We look forward to seeing the situation on Stainback Court resolved so that the Moses family can return to their original role as confident, secure citizens of Red Oak, not having to rely on ever-vigilantly videotaping the actions taken against them by Eston Masterson, Dwayne and Vicki Spraybary, and Dustin Merimon.

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  1. What is ROPD trying to hide? Seems like they are trying to hide something, They say they recorded the conversation but refuse to prove it. Funny. The so-call investigation is over so why hide the records. Are they protecting the now fire hutchins officer?

  2. bornonthefourthofjuly9 de julio de 2010, 1:27

    First, all of you are uninformed. The ROPD "probably" could not get a stalking charge through Joe Grubbs office, so they should stand up and tell it like it is. As far as harrassment, it ain't in the DA's vocabulary. His office does not believe in "stalking" of any kind, and there pretty much has to be a killing to get one filed. No matter what kind of evidence is submitteed, as the vid you provided, Grubbs will not take the charge, so all of the allegations, mishandling, yelling cussing and facts you present will NOT change it. This all sounds very familiar and some folks I know and they will tell you to not waste your time, watch you own back and protect you own self, in whatever manner necessary. Grubbs office will waste two days investigating a false complaint filed by a dumbass City Councilman, but the serious stuff that disrupts families and causes stress and discomfort to a citizen....forget it.

  3. bornonthefourthofjuly10 de julio de 2010, 1:06

    What I am saying is...that even if ROPD had handled this one right, it does not mean that the County DA's office would take the case. In other words most of Ellis County's PD's know from experience WHAT cases Grubb's office will persue and WHAT cases's they will not persue. If ROPD had NO conversations or correspondence with the DA during all of this, then I would be very surprised.

  4. "STOP" PLEASE "STOP"10 de julio de 2010, 10:52

    Why Can't you people Stop !!!!! Is it going to take someone getting hurt? Is that what you want this has been going on for along time .Why can't you all!!! let it go don't you have anything better to do with your time then post bull shit on this site. Go do something with your kids !!!!Go on to something else something that someone wants to read!!!!!LET IT GO!!!!!MOVE ON TO BETTER THINGS PLEASE!!!!!!!

  5. Steve"sayin' it like it is"10 de julio de 2010, 13:04

    I sure as hell don't to upset you anymore than you already are.
    That's my whole purpose here anyhow!!!
    Beside, what's a little corruption now and then,
    I'm sure that the next time the RO cops answer a disturbance call, they can just hang up.
    They'll just figure...
    Why Can’t you people Stop !!!!!
    What do we care, it's not REAL crime.
    Is that what you want this has been going on for along time .
    Why can’t you all!!! let it go don’t you have anything better to do with your time than call the police about some stupid squabble.
    Go do something with your kids!!!!
    Hey, why don't you kill someone, something that we can get a real investigation going around !!!!!LET IT GO!!!!!MOVE ON TO BETTER THINGS PLEASE!!!!!!!
    I agree...
    You're ABSOLUTELY right...
    But you digress
    I'm outta here!!!

  6. If you want it to "STOP" then feel free to ask the ROPD to issue a retraction and corrected memo.

    But I agree that *this memo* as it stands is bullshit.

    some of us are capable of doing things with our kids AND addressing faulty city papers. ;)

  7. STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 de julio de 2010, 3:19

    People like you that don't now when to stop bringing things up that happen two years ago are going to get someone hurt. If you have a problem with ROPD go talk to them about it . WE DON'T WANT TO READ OR HERE ABOUT THIS SHIT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!GO ON TO SOMETHING ELSE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  8. This memo was printed only a few months ago, not two years ago.

    ROPD refuses to answer my questions-- I *did* try to talk to them about it: they were all copied on the email I sent to all city officials. Maybe *you* should ask them to sit down and address this so I'll shut up. If YOU don't want to read about it anymore, then click to a different subject. ;)

    But no-- we don't "go on to something else" until THIS is resolved.

    Craig Rudolph's contract is up for review this Monday evening.

  9. STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 de julio de 2010, 10:05

    I don't care when this happen no one wants to here about this crap anymore why are you putting your nose somewere that it do's not belong ? ARE YOU GOD ? who cares about what you think or what you beleve in .I would not give anything to a person like you that allways likes to start shit!!!

    I will be here as long as you keep posting bullshit on this site about this crap!! When you stop ill stop!!!!

    I don't give a shit when Craig Ruduolph contract is up . I think that he is doing a great job with the ROPD !!!!!!What are you going to do get him fired too!!! He'sgot the City of Red Oak behind him !!! Good luck your going to need it

    Why do i need me to ask them to set down with you?We all now that you have a big mouth !!!!!!!! Go talk to them your self you dumass!! I forgot they don't want to here anything that you got to say anymore !!I NOW why don't you send steve or chris to talk to them HAHa Dam i forgot they don't want to talk to them eather .Now we all know why you try to get other people to do your dirty work . It's because NO ONE WANTS TO HERE YOUR BIG MOUTH ANY MORE !!!!!!!LMFAO

  10. Sounds to me like hestke at the bottom of everything


  12. wow-- for someone who wants me to "STOP" you sure go on and on and on and on. ;)

    *we* didn't "start" anything-- WE received a nastygram that was maliciously mailed to the ENTIRE area. If y'all wanted this to die,that was the wrong way to do it, LOL!

    The City can either address it or watch flyers go up. I can work it either way.

  13. I don't understand was your name in it ? Why do you care what was in the maliciously mail letter was your name in there too? The question is why do you give a shit on what was mailed ? Are you married to him ? I no !!! Are you sleeping with him !! WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND !!!!! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ON WHAT YOU GOT TO SAY OR SEND OUT !!!! DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL LOOK LIKE A DUMASS WILL BE YOU!!!!!

  14. That letter was mailed To My Address. Y'all screwed up when you involved the *entire neighborhood*, and this will NOT die, no matter how many times you say "SHUT UP."

    Not until we get prints from "all parties involved" to see who mailed those letters and get a retraction from the PD.

    maybe you need one of those fatty's that Smarter Than Ewe is recommending- you seem a bit tense..... and I'm LMAO because no matter how many times you post w/ your nasty attitude, I will NOT shut up.

    and apparently YOU do give a shit. ;)

  15. seems to be a continuation of the radio show, that I had to mute both of you, lol, carry on tho, ohh maybe I can tell Joey we can have Part 2 of the radio show

  16. or hey-- maybe they'll show up at the city council meeting too? get your camera ready. :D

  17. no kidding Brannon-- I'd recognize that mouth anywhere. ;)

    she just doesn't GET what it means to hold our city gvt accountable.

    Can't spell worth a hoot either, lol.

    I'll bet their names will look great in big fat font on a flyer...... maybe her buddies Dwayne and Eston should have kept their own mouths shut before they started messing with neighbors. Now she's pissed, lol.

  18. I cant even figure what their problem is

  19. The letter was mail to my address also, Which means you involved me at that point. So thats why we all got involved and thats Amy got involved. Amy puts her self out there a little more than most of us, But that does not mean we do not give a crap. Because what was done to him was wrong!! Amen to everything you said Jerry.

  20. too bad babe...
    if you knew your history, you'd know that I did in fact go to have a conversation with Chief Rudolph, Lt. Brock was also there and a RO SWAT sergeant as well. We had a nice conversation. Talked about all sorts of things.
    You and yours never came up though Vicki.
    too bad ,huh
    So we never got a chance to...
    Hey, BTW thanks for keeping this subject alive...

  21. I heard this girl even accused him 2 or 3 years ago of stealing her cell phone while she was at wal mart in mesquite, JERRY.... HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS ....

  22. Hey "amen"--
    LOTS of us know about that girl accusing Chris of stealing his phone because AFTER WE ALL GOT THAT LETTER Chris got to tell lots of us the WHOLE story-- you know, since the boneheads that mailed out the letter failed to include The Whole story. So..... many of us have SEEN the boxes and boxes of evidence Chris has backing up HIS side.

    So there ya go.

    By mailing that letter to the whole neighborhood you made it possible for more of us to examine the evidence showing Chris to be a good guy and the "people" who mailed the letter to be cowardly $h!theads.

    By mailing that letter to the whole neighborhood you dragged US into the debacle of which this original article speaks. And now you have people talking about how spiteful and manipulative 13yo girls can be -- so much for helping HER case and trashing Chris.
    Maybe *Y'all* should have SHUT UP, lol.

  23. ya, Amy as I was reading over the comments, she was the first thing that popped into my mind

  24. Who is Amy's fuck buddy? I'd be interested to see who would put it in that. Prolly fall in.

  25. wow STY-- that's some classy attitude ewe got there. I'm sure everyone's impressed, lol.

    It figures ewe like to watch. ;)

  26. SHUT UP/STOP needs to have her mouth washed out with soap. This is just more rantings from a mother that is out for blood because her son (ex-Hutchins cop) was fired for threatening Chris. Nothing she says is credible! That letter didn’t change anything except the way we feel about the people who mailed it…..and we know who they are!

  27. Whatever- Your one hundred percent right from what I hear she basically admitted she was the one on Joey's radio show.

    Jerry here are a few you may not know of - he has also helped Ann who is an elderly lady on Tom Driver, And has helped take care of the Sabastion's place and the Posey's place when they have gone out of town. For how much you ask ZERO! He does it out of the kindness of his heart.

  28. I must ask what is the city of red oak trying to hide? Is it the fact that they are protecting a now fire rogue cop from charges? Is it the fact that they have ignored these incidents and are afraid to admit their mistake? Is it because they now regret talking a citizen out of filing charges against these individuals? Or is it a little of all of the above?

    Which ever it is they made a terrible mistake! And should rectify the situation and do the right thing!

    Another question is - Has anyone with the Red oak pd seen the video attached to this subject? And if so why did they talk a citizen out of filing charges? Why has the dept. not filed charges them self if they have seen the video? Who are they protecting???????????


  29. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!13 de julio de 2010, 11:50

    I don't understand why do all of you think that the mastersons / spraberry/ merrimon had anything to do with the letters being mailed out? Have you looked at the letter to see where it was mailed from ? It was mailed out of Dallas. I think that all of you are looking at the wrong people!!!Just because you don't have anyone to point the finger at!!!! You are setting yourself up for a slander sute !!!! If you don't leave these people alone!!! If you want the truth about chris get in your car and go to the dallas court house and read all for yourself . Just because he showed you boxes of evidence doe's not mean that he is telling you the truth. If he told you that he jumped of the moon would you beleave him ?? You really need to look at who your dealing with!!!!!!!!!! Go get the papers!!!!!!!

  30. Guys, can we all take a break on this for now and just focus intently on the Waxahachie sex crimes going on?

    I'll let you guys have at it after you guys help me spread the word around about the sex crimes...

  31. Steve 'the real one"13 de julio de 2010, 16:08

    and that's all you'll ever do...

  32. Amy Hedtke [sitting w/ the real Steve] :)13 de julio de 2010, 16:33

    LOL "wake up"-- yeah.... like nobody else can mail anything from DALLAS, rotflol. watch-- I'll mail a letter to the Sprabarys with a Dallas postmark, and I'll even sign the darn thing. ;)

    Do you think those "boxes of evidence" don't include all the court papers?
    And then some!
    emails, attorney letters, notes, tests, yadda yadda yadda. If you're only looking at the court papers then you're missing a LOT of the supporting documents: that's only what made it to COURT. If you've ever had dealings with a court then you would know that there's a LOT that never makes it to the public archives.

    and yeah: Viki kept asking "what will it take" to get us to 'shut up"-- I've said it will take them all volunteering their fingerprints to the PD so forensics can see if their prints are on these unopened letters. I triple dog dare them to *all* do that: Eston, Dwayne, Viki, Dustin, Angie, and anyone else old enough to stuff and lick an envelope. If indeed we're assuming the wrong people this should help clear it up. I'm fine with admitting I was wrong in assuming they did this, but I want proof. "Innocent until proven guilty" only applies in a court of law: court of public opinion is a whoooole 'nother thing. good luck with a slander suit -- lots to present in court on both sides, lol.

    *who* are we dealing with? when I look at the VIDEOS on youtube of Eston Masterson and Dwayne Sprabary, and the video investigated by the PD of Dustin Merimon trespassing on the Moses property, and listen to the [had to be muted] diatribes of Viki Sprabary saying she DOESN'T CARE on ECO radio, I see reeeal quick just "who we're dealing with."

    and so does everyone else. :-)