lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Ronald Neil | Time to Consider Evacuation. Make Plans Now.

These videos should keep my readers busy for a few hours:
From: Ronald Neil (

There is no down side to being prepared when the siren rings. I would hate to be on the highways heading out with millions of others. Prepare now, leave before the rush.

Five parts to watch from June 26

Eight parts from two weeks earlier.

Oil Industry Insider and CFR Member Predicts Gulf Evacuation

Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and Hydrogen Sulfide...!!!

From Hawk On June 24th 2010 -- Get Out of the Gulf Coast Now!!!

"Deepwater Crimes Against Humanity"

"FEMA ready to Mobilize. GET OUT OF GULF on your terms now !"

Mass Evacuation

"BP Death Clouds Already Onshore! Benzene-3400ppb & Hyrdrogen Sulfide-1200ppb TOXIC AIR ALERT"

"Fema Camp Coffins Investigated"


"Nuke Only Option, Gulf 40% Covered By Underwater Oil Lakes Says Ocean Energy Institute Founder"


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  1. Scare tactics still work, even better than in the past. Maybe it's the way the administration keeps showing us how they are going to take us over so we can live like Cubans.
    I agree, Where are you going to go?

  2. My soul is not a problem as I hope God will take care of that. It's my pocketbook that is always empty that bugs me.

  3. uhg gu gu gu lol what ever....It makes me sad past the point of finding a positive outcome. I always look for the life lesson to be learned, and I am having challenges on this one.

  4. Smarter Than You9 de julio de 2010, 1:32

    You're worried about this administration?

    The Bush administration disarmed citizens of their weapons during Katrina and cut communication into the city. They had plans for cordoning off cities during times of "crisis" (to be defined by them) and declare martial law, again disarming the citizens and taking over, suspending the Constitution.

    The current administration is nothing compared to the last.

    God forbid they want poor people to have insurance though. That's awful. That money is much better spent bombing a bunch of sand niggers, right? KILL 'EM ALL!

  5. Eleven days after Katrina hit, all outside forces including state, federal, national guard, were ordered out of the city by the mayor, Ray Nagin. The LOCAL POLICE began confiscating firearms from civilians in preparation for a forced evacuation of the last holdouts.
    I can find no evidence that the Bush administration had anything to do with the confiscation of private weapons.
    The federal and state troops that were sent to New Orleans were there primarily for search and rescue and prevention of looting.
    The police did not come up with this confiscation of firearms on their own. They were directed by the Mayor, Ray Nagin.
    I guess you can blame Bush for Nagin being the mayor, for whatever that's worth.

  6. um, helLO! The Nat'l Guard troops in Iraq were PLACED under Federal authority: we are talking about the activity of Nat'l Guard troops on DOMESTIC soil when they are NOT being commandeered for WAR. [Katrina was NOT a WAR]

    You need to do a bit more research on what Nat'l Guard troops can and can't do, who has authority over Nat'l Guard troops and when, and what limits our Fed Gvt has [while they still have some].