lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Child Protective Services Warfare

I want to help fight for children in our county, and I want to continue to show Child Protective Services that they will not violate the trust and the rights of parents and children. There is a long storied timeline of my involvement (via the newspaper and the blog) in CPS matters --- on behalf of parents and children who are plucked out of the homes and turned over to deadbeats, drug-abusers and other sick elements. But, I want to renew the call to help those who have horror stories who want those stories to be told.

If the other papers won't print it, I will. And I will make sure that every taxpayer has at their disposal the full list of employees/staff/investigators at the CPS offices in Ennis, Waxahachie and elsewhere, how much money they make and their resume information.

Some people fight family law cases in court. I fight them on the blog, and I've won every time through this medium. The most unaccountable organization second to the CIA is CPS. Well, they won't escape scrutiny here. The People will know about CPS' wayward ways...

And to those on the inside who are honest, who try to do what's right, please rest assured that you are where God himself wants you to be. You have nothing to fear from me or this blog...but those on the inside of the beast know what's going on. I can accept -- and encourage -- anonymous letters, e-mails, etc. No one has to know who sent it:

Joey G. Dauben
The Ellis County Observer
P.O. Box 221
Palmer, TX 75152
Cell: 972-891-2135

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