domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

378th District Court | Dan Gus Rumors Ramp Up

I spoke with Red Oak lawyer Dan Gus at last week's Republican Party Executive Committee meeting about the rumors I had been hearing that mention he will be one of the front-runners to getting the 378th District Court appointment next year when Judge Al Scoggins, R-Ennis, ascends to the Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco. Gov. Rick Perry will make the appointment, unless the governor does not win re-election, and therefore, maybe Bill White will be the one to appoint someone.

The 378th District Court is the family/divorce/custody venue. It was created in 1995 by the stroke of George W. Bush's pen. Scoggins has never had an opponent for the seat since he was picked as the jurist for the court, but so far, there are three lawyers vying to become Scoggins' replacement:

1) Ron Wilkinson ---- too old; he's an ex-Waxahachie councilman/mayor; also lost the 40th District Court primary on March 2, finishing third out of four.

2) Kendall Drew ---- Don't know much about him other than he's family law through-and-through.

3) Dan Gus --- also lost the 40th District Court race, finishing last.

4) Kevin McDonnell -- so there are really four. I only mention Kevin because I haven't put his name on my blog in a long time.'d be an easy conversation starter since he, too, has considerable family law experience.

Okay, so when pressed on the matter, Dan Gus was saying it was "news to him" that he was on the rumor circulation circuit in downtown Waxahachie, but recently, he's taken more of a look at this potential appointment.

The appointed judge would serve out Scoggins' term until the 2012 primary if and when or should that become a contested one.

The Waxahachie Daily Light -- shortly after she lost the April 13 run-off to Bob Carroll in the 40th District Court race -- pitched Cindy Ermatinger's name as the replacement. If there's ever another district court created, I can see Ermatinger being in that one, especially as it relates to felony cases. Family law, nah, let's stick a family law lawyer in that one.

As much as you folks out there hate how our former county judge played chess with the political structure out there, Chad Adams is going to be (if he hasn't already) the sought-after guy because he alone in this county has the eager ear of Gov. Perry. This is just "observational conjecture," but get in good with Chad, and you could get Rick Perry's ear.

Does anyone else find it strange that for the first time ever, the WDL did not issue an endorsement in the 40th District Court race?

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  1. As i stated before bad for business very bad for law Ron Wilkinsin stay home and play with the wife she has to much time on her hands etc