viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Ennis | Ironic Smoking Ban Compliance w/July 4

How uniquely ironic...first, I get bitched and griped at that I didn't have any sort of coverage of Ennis' recognition of our war heroes and the freedoms they fought for, and now there is one of the most anti-freedom ordinances ever to pass in Ennis. It's strangely ironic that the Ennis Daily News has an editorial preaching about how business owners should not defy the new ordinance but get settled into complying.

The Ellis County Observer encourages the open defiance of the smoking ban ordinance as an act of civil disobedience.

How encouraging it is that this city would make so many strides to recognize thsoe who fought for freedoms only to legislate it away.

You guys in Ennis have hardly any restaurants to begin with, and one of the highest taxed and highest regulated cities in the county. I hope you like the Steve Howerton monarchy. Your city commissioners are merely ceremonial pawns on Ennis' chess board.

A HUGE thank you and honorable mention (I emphasize honorable) to Jeremie Salik, a smoker who was elected May 8 to the Ward 1 seat. He defeated the smoking ban author, Red Sanders, handily, and was the only vote against this smoking ban ordinance.

How does it feel to know Ennis is being led by Obama-like policies?

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  1. Midnight is a TABC rule isn't it? Someone with more legalese could tell us for sure, but I thought the midnight rule was TABC.

    It could also be that bar owners in Ellis County don't have the customer population that say, Lower Greenville has.