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Waxahachie Sex Crime Ring | Big Name People, Media Hiding Crimes

There was a town where prominent people -- including the publisher of the Establishment newspaper -- covered up for some of the worst crimes involving children. No one believed the victims. The public rallied around these individuals who were prominent in the community, who ran the Boys/Girls Club, who knew U.S. presidents on a first name basis, who even sang the national anthem at the Dallas Republican Party convention. One man, a prominent lawyer and also a state lawmaker, took the allegations and investigated them, up until the entire operation came crashing down...and several people ended up dead, or in prison, or both.
That town was Omaha, Nebraska. That lawyer was John DeCamp. That infamous scandal was called "The Franklin Cover-Up." Link to the History of the Franklin Cover-Up:

Now, in Waxahachie, Texas, we have a similar situation. There is a crime ring so big that it is being covered up by the big political Establishment newspaper (the Waxahachie Daily Light) and includes the most prominent individuals in the county, and in the community. Those in the know call it "the circle." Much like the circle that encompasses our county in the form of the old SuperCollider, this circle is a demonic, Satanic, from-the-depths-of-Hell sinister plot to cover up for the worst crimes against children since The Franklin Cover-Up.

My stories and investigations into the local Child Protective Services (CPS) ripping families apart are nothing compared to this...but those CPS stories on top of each other have stacked into one gigantic piece of this child sex ring pie. The other pieces include how the WDL is covering up for these crimes. The other piece is how the Sheriff's Office, the Waxahachie PD, and the biggest banker in the county is helping cover up for these crimes.

Judges, lawyers and other prominent individuals were busted by the FBI in the late 80s, early 90s for being implicated in drug-running operations. Not a word was reported, but everyone involved got away scot-free.
Wednesday, July 14:
| Call-In Number: 646-478-5811 | Guest: Tamara Yarbrough | She will help expose the crimes against these children, and she will name names. Very prominent names.

Today, I had the pleasure to meet Tamara Yarbrough in Waxahachie, and came away sickened, but also full of confirmations as to why I am in Ellis County, and why The Ellis County Observer is located here, and why The Ellis County Press was originally started out to be placed here.

Tamara Yarbrough has a rap sheet. A fairly lengthy, controversial one. That is not an untrue statement.

But she has alleged, and I have assisted in linking, the worst crimes in our county, mostly occurring in Waxahachie. Within "the circle."

Why else would the WDL cover up for, say, the Dr. Chitale crimes? Chitale was a doctor in Ennis Regional Medical Center. He sedated patients as he molested them. This was covered up because at the time, Ennis Police were distracted by certain women-folk, including JoAnn Livingston of the WDL, who reportedly was screwing Lt. Ron Roark. This was kept hush-hush until the Dallas Morning News (excuse me, until I and The Dallas Morning News) blew a hole in the story. Livingston later apologized to Chitale's victims because she couldn't/wouldn't report on what was going on.

Why else would the WDL and law enforcement cover up for (Google the words in bold) Judge Al Scoggins and Karen Weaver, not only their affair, but Karen Weaver's child molestation against four of her grandchildren?

Why else would the WDL and law enforcement cover up for Sara Ruth Spector's CPS horror trail, and CPS offices in Waxahachie and Ennis snatching kids to put them with family members with long, lengthy drug abuses? Livingston and Spector are friends.

Why else would CPS lose a civil trial (jury trial) and then counter it with a district attorney-led criminal case, only to then be drowned again by a jury? Same family, two different venues and two similar outcomes: not guilty. Livingston and the prosecutors are best friends.

Why else would the Waxahachie PD allow their patrol supervisor, Lt. Billie Wiggins Pendleton, stay employed when she clearly had an affair with the former police chief Ted Garber and his daughter? She's an admitted psychopath, according to transcripts in the Robert Trevino Case.

There are so many other cases and incidents. One just needs to read this blog's archives and some archives of my stories in The Ellis County Press. Some homework:
Flashback: Al Scoggins & Karen Weaver Cover-Up

Flashback: Kevin's House Halfway House Cover-Up

Flashback: Don/Cindy Hellstern Cover-Up

Flashback: The Robert Trevino Case
So, back to Tamara Yarbrough...

She has four children, ages 23 to 11. She is married to Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough, who owns a roofing company and who is good friends with CNB Texas' Mark Singleton, a Waxahachie councilman. He also did work for the lady who owned Lynn's Check Cashing; He also knows and is friends with the Crownovers. He's friends with Joe Rust, the prominent real estate king. Rust even became a character witness for Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough during a divorce proceeding before Judge Al Scoggins. Kenneth Wayne wants to divorce Tamara for a few reasons...let's dive into those:
1) Judge Gene Calvert issued a protective order against Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough on behalf of the 11-year-old daughter, the only daughter between Kenneth Wayne and Tamara, in October 2009;

2) Kenneth Wayne filed for divorce shortly after that, and was, shockingly, given custody of the 11-year-old daughter per a CPS intervention;

3) Tamara, remember, has a rap sheet. Probation for 10 years, etc. Nothing in the order I read today bars her from seeing her daughter, but Kenneth Wayne has blocked all communication and visitation access to her daughter. I'm guessing those friends in high places helped Kenneth Wayne out. This is strictly conjecture, but, as history proves in this county, it is precisely the reason this stuff happens...

4) Calvert issued out of his Court at Law No. 2 the protective order because of physical and emotional abuse;

5) One day, before the divorce proceedings and the subsequent CPS intervention, the little 11-year-old daughter came to Tamara to tell her, "I have something I need to tell you." Before the child could repeat a word, Tamara took her to Waxahachie PD and wanted the 11-year-old to tell the police the allegations, so as to not make it look like she was coaching her child. WPD said they'd call the Gingerbread Advocacy Center, an organization that supposedly assists victims of child sex abuse. One look at their board of directors will show a who's who list of those who are (some, not all) helping perpetuating the cover up against the crimes against kids: CPS; the District Attorney; the WDL, just to name a few...

6) Tamara Yarbrough never received a call. But her daughter met with the Dunaway Elementary principal and guidance counselor one day, and told them the allegations. I asked Tamara if her daughter ever told her...and Tamara said she didn't want to know for fear others would think she coached her child. The Dunaway officials, God bless them, called CPS and made the allegations from Tamara's daughter a "Priority No. 1," which is ISD lingo for "we have some serious problems here...and we need an investigation pronto."

7) Tamara later said that her daughter's journal confirmed that something had happened, while not going into detail (the journal was dated when her 11-year-old daughter wrote it, she said.)

8) Tamara and Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough have been married for 13 years.

9) Back in 1999, Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough's then-16-year-old son Heath Yarbrough was sentenced to prison for raping Tamara's then-3-year-old son. Heath allegedly raped him anally. It was later alleged that Heath himself was molested as a child. Heath is now out of prison for raping the 3-year-old (who is now 23.) There were other allegations: Kenneth Wayne's son, Heath, had exposed himself to neighbor girls and also allegedly raped another boy.

10) Tamara's now-21-year-old daughter alleged that Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough raped her as well. The allegations came out of Fort Worth, where the 21-year-old daughter lived at the time. Tamara said she didn't believe her daughter for fear that her daughter was making it up because "she was mad at me." The allegations - two to be exact - were made, and the Waxahachie police reportedly arrested Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough. Remember those high places with friends? One of them happened to be a guy named Dusty Autrey, the owner (co?) of Triple A (AAA) Bail Bonds in Waxahachie. Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough was given a "walk-through" and arraigned without even being present before an unknown judge. Funny how things like that work...

11) The IRS letter sent to Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough's friends the Crownovers is a telling it, the IRS says the Social Security number Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough uses is invalid, and has been. The IRS told Tamara Yarbrough, "I've never seen anything like this in my 30 years of working for the IRS. It was as if he was never born, never existed."

12) Tamara said her and Kenneth Wayne never had a bank account, but CNB Texas' Mark Singleton would -- with Kenneth Wayne's signature reportedly -- give him a "$1 million line of credit" --- all this, Tamara says, with no bank account.

13) KCK Roofing is located at 815 Cantrell Street south of downtown Waxahachie. It's now part of Brogdon Roofing. Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough is friends with a James Brogdon. James Brogdon is the grandfather of a Jessica Brogdon, who Tamara said was in bed with Kenneth Wayne one day as she walked in (this was when Jessica was about 13 or 14.)...Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough was "butt naked" with the young Jessica. Kenneth Wayne told her he was off his medications (had Jessica been my young daughter, Kenneth Wayne would have had two bullets in his head.) That might have explained why he was naked, but why was a young girl whose grandfather is now business partners with Yarbrough in his bed? Tamara Yarbrough said she told Cindy Brogdon, Jessica's mother. (Cindy is married to Cecil, who is also part of, or the sole owner of, Brogdon Roofing.)

14) The Case Numbers, for those interested in researching more, in both the Calvert protective order and the Scoggins divorce proceeding are: 79.619-D (Scoggins-divorce/CPS) and 7956CCL (Calvert-protective order.)

15) About Tamara Yarbrough's arrest rap sheet. Again, this is not to be covered up, or ignored. But Tamara Yarbrough said she has been put in jail for months at a time, or on weekends, or periods of time and not been given the reasons she was in jail. She's been told of court hearings that take place without her knowledge.
Sound familiar, John Margetis?

Sound familiar, Ellis County?

There's a sex crime ring in Ellis County, Texas, and more importantly, in Waxahachie. There's an even larger underground Satanic cult --- the same cult that was linked to the killing of an undercover MIdlothian police officer in 1987 --- operating.

We call these principalities and powers that we wage war against, and obviously, with one click of a mouse and the typing of a few words and names, one can find out that there is a sinister Satanic, demonic imaginary crime scene tape circulating Waxahachie.

And at the top of it all is a Franklin Cover-Up type of operation, with members in the most prominent positions of "our community."

I fully expect to be sued for this article that will hit my newspapers, but now the burden of proof is going to be on those alleged to have taken part in these crimes. Of course, I will issue any and all responses to these allegations made by Tamara Yarbrough. I have offered in the past whole pages and whole forums for those who disagree with what is written on this site to have their say.

But let's not hold any punches: there's a reason why law enforcement, CPS, the media has all conglomerated to cover up for the worst crimes against kids in this county.

Those character witnesses to Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough ------------- alleged to have sodomized and raped little kids, as well as appearing naked in bed with a little girl -------------------- is another Who's Who list. Joe Rust. Rocky Stones (though he did not show up.) There are others...including the now 21-year-old daughter who said, "Mom needs to get help."

After reading this, we all need help. And we all need protection. Because Satan just got outed, and his powers and principalities and his agents who are covering up for these crimes are about to get judged. When I started The Ellis County Observer in October 2005, I told friends of mine, "God is going to bring judgment on Waxahachie."

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  1. This is tamara's daughter and what you are writing about is a lie. I will be taking this to the fort worth police. you have no right to write about me or anybody on this page without our consent. My mother has serious problems and lies about everything. you shouldnt believe what everybody says.

    tamara's 21 year old daughter.


  3. I am a close friend to Tamara and I have seen the devastation of not being able to see her child and not knowing what is true or not.As a parent if our child said she was touched by any one we would do what ever it takes to find out the truth and that is what she is trying to do. If any child says that a parent touched them they would be removed from the home.Way has her child not been removed and a full investigation been done?I understand where her oldest is coming from on being embarrassed cuse the truth about her, saying he touched her and then saying she lied that he didn't touch her is very embarrassing, more so cause her lies are out in the open but neither Tammy or any one else will know the truth cause the child now 21 recanted her story and ended up staying in the home with the step father and investigation was never done to fine out the truth. Plus as sad it might be for her all we can do is pray she is just a liar and it never happen, but we now have a second child saying the same thing, and once again nothing being done by CPS.I have read the court papers that say she can see her child when ever she wants, SO WHY HAS SHE NOT BEEN ABLE TO SEE HER CHILD ? Tammy is told she will go to jail if she comes near her 11 year old girl, Whats really going on, does she do what the court papers say she can and then end up in jail, Tammy is trying to do what is right,and regardless if she has a rape sheet, Tammy has God in her life now and truly justs wants to see her little girl. God I pray that u will work this out and her and her child can began to follow u and be able to see each other. Why cant a mother be able to just hold her child. This has got to end for all parties.

  4. Excuse my language and colorful delivery of the information, but this stuff makes me sick. This circle of lies, deceit and evil is going to be broken ------------- much of it already has.

    The Satanic forces -- and that's exactly what they are -- behind this crap will be exposed and judged...

    The list of character witnesses on this guy's divorce hearing is going to be published in full when I get it.

  5. Keep up the reading and printing folks...this topic has skyrocketed my traffic to unbelievable levels.

    There are court hearings in the planning stages as we speak over this CPS/divorce dispute.

    My two big issues and questions are pertaining to:

    1) How to work for so many years and file W-2 reports and 1099s without having a valid SSN. Much like Obama having the SSN of a Connecticut man...hmmm

    2) How is it that Judge Gene Calvert can issue a protective order against Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough to protect the wife (Tamara) and the 11-year-old girl, but Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough can go down to Al Scoggins and file for a divorce and then the PO totally be ignored, and the 11-year-old daughter who alleges being anally raped by her stepfather be given over to Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough?

    DOES NOT make sense.

    This is venue hopping....and I'm going to keep exposing it.

    So those who oppose me better get a damn good lawyer, because I don't back down to anyone. I will load so much of the Word Wide Web and my newspapers full of this stuff if I get so much as a hint of a lawsuit or other will all come crushing down, and I fully intend to unleash every talent and skill that my God-given media empire will employ.

    The "Circle" just got broken....and now the garbage gets to get burned...

  6. Well let's see when the IRS calls you and said that the SSN is showing that this person does not excist then there is a problem. RIGHT??????????????????

  7. and tammy i will never love you.

  8. outside lookin in14 de julio de 2010, 7:53

    IF YOU LOVE HER LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!

    so agree with me or not i have said my piece!!!!
    and paula sorry for all that this is bringing back up in your life... all the "lies" that are being told about you.... there are some of us here that do believe you and know that it must be hard for you to know that your mom is doing this behind your back....
    so i wish you well in life and do what you need to do as far as your relationship with her goes!!!!!

  9. Publisher's Note: both usernames, "outside looking in" and "speaking from experience" utilize the same e-mail address.

    So, what part exactly was the untrue part? The fact Paula was a character witness and said that her mom just needed to get help? Or was the story that Paula called the cops from Tarrant County and had Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough arrested not true? The fact Paula lived in Fort Worth and thus, did not live in Ellis County with her mom at the time of the alleged raping, is not a believable way to assume that the mother planted these allegations into the daughter's head.

    Paula, you were 13 or 14 when this occurred.

    Is your mom lying about your 3-year-old brother (now 15) being anally raped by Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough's older son Heath?

    Is your mom lying about walking in on a fully naked Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough and the 13-year-old next-door neighbor's daughter Jessica Brogdon?

    Is your little sister, the 11-year-old, lying about Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough raping her?

    Is the principal of Dunaway Elementary School lying?

    Is the guidance counselor at Dunaway Elementary School lying?

    Is the principal at Dunaway Elementary School wrong for calling CPS?

    Is the counselor at Dunaway Elementary School wrong for calling CPS?

    Is your mom lying that a protective order was issued to protect her and your 11-year-old sister from Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough?

    Is it a lie that you called the police?

    Is it a lie that Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough was arrested for allegedly raping you?

    Is it a lie that Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough has an invalid Social Security Number?

    Is it a lie that Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough has been working on behalf of Joe Rust, Dusty Autrey, Joe Gallo, Lynn's Check Cashing, Triple AAA Bail Bonds, Bernyce Crownover, Robin Cole Lane, and others?

    Are these lies?

    Or are they true?

    And will you, outside looking in tell us one way or the other?

    so many years after it has happened especially because she recanted the statement so many years ago… it didnt happen

    So, you admit "years after it happened." By "it" you mean the raping of Paula, when she was 13. Then you say "especially because she recanted." And then you say, "it didn't happen."

    So which is it, outside looking in?

  10. I will say this, Paula. You are one very beautiful young woman.

  11. Does anyone know of a former sheriff that ran or helped Troubled girls? This would be around 1987.. I was molested but this man as my grandfather was on his dying bed. My mom left me with my aunts caretaker (this former sheriff) thinking I was safe because he was an ex-sheriff. I just found out this important info. I’m 41 now. They didn’t prosecute him even though I went and gave my statement.. Just looking for answers please.