domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

Combine City Council Agenda | Monday, July 12, 2010

Two big items on the agenda: discussion and information about the civil rights lawsuit I recently filed against Combine, Texas for last fall's false arrest, false imprisonment and the status and employment duties of the police department and police chief. The story is looking good: I get arrested for publishing a mug shot of a Combine reserve on my blog, get thrown in jail by a volunteer cop who used to write for me but was fired, I walk out a free man, and, the entire police department goes unemployed.

The last part of the lawsuit filed in 86th District Court was a colorful request: WE REQUEST A TRIAL BY JURY.

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Side Note: There is no discussion needed about bonding a city secretary. The Texas Constitution mandates that all elected and appointed officials be bonded. Not bonding your city secretary is like, well, allowing a reserve police "detective" to conduct investigations and hit up people for $1.5 million bail bonds, or "$3 or 4 million bonds" as was bragged about. This is serious stuff when talking about city officials not holding performance bonds.

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  1. Judges set the bonds not the cops. Be sure and enter those affidavits and warrants Robinson signed, along with his police report in to the record

  2. Is this a news editorial blog or just all about joey all the time and blowhards that dont like him