viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

A Magazine Interview?

Nothing is definite yet, but a Dallas magazine wants to pitch a story about my Freedom of the Press Group newspaper empire that I'm building. The editors of this magazine* have to green light the idea first, but I'm hoping this early pitch of publicity will benefit those in the towns of Frost, Rice, Venus, Maypearl, Milford, Italy and Palmer, where my FOTP Group newspapers are being launched (note: I've already had six months of The Palmer Post under my belt.)

For those that don't know, I launched these entities that will soon be hitting news stands and mailboxes:
1) The Rice Reader
2) The Frost Focus
3) The Venus Voice
4) The Milford Messenger
5) The Maypearl Memo
6) The Italy Informer
Those who have fought me to the T to get me to stop publishing, or writing, or blogging, or broadcasting, or otherwise creating media will have an extremely tough time on your hands now...not even throwing me in jail for my First Amendment practice can stop me. This is taking off very quickly, and hopefully this prominent magazine will green light a story about it.

*The magazine will not be named, but I assure you it is a very widely read publication in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

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  1. Of course one must be aware, that uanswered questions and contravercy sell magazines. While the truth is, and always will be a welcome breath of fresh air, nothing hangs in the air like good old fashion,...

  2. And your new clothes look great, too.