viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Open Thread | Lady Gaga is Masonic & Satanic?

Here are some videos and Web sites I have personally chosen for you readers to bang around your independent thinking skills this weekend:
Antichrist material:

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  1. I think it forgot to mention in the significance of 13, of how the captured KNight's Templars who were executed for raping and pillaging and brutalizing people in France in order to collect 'taxes' were executed on a Friday the 13th and the remaining who escaped went to London to regroup, multiply their numbers and re-name themselves the Free Masons.

  2. A lot of significant 'ritual' type things happen on Friday the 13th.

    BTW LEAVE my William out of this!! I love Prince William, he is so cute, how could he be bad!?!?!

    HA HA Joey and Prince William Alter ego twins!! HA HA

  3. One of my ancestors, William the Conqueror, is depicted in Prince William's Coat of Arms as the lion. I'm thinking Prince William got his name from William the Conqueror, but that is pure speculation.

    Kinda neat that I fit in this line somehow :)

  4. I gues lucifer would like spam lucheon meat it is the worst of all pig parts put together in one chemically laden brick mold

  5. I am looking at all of the other "Gaga is a luciferian" videos

    Pretty crazy...I guess she is, rather compelling evidence.

    I did like the one where she said, "Obama, I know you are watching this. ARE YOU SATAN???!!!!?"

    Screamed it at him. That was funny