jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

WISDBlog.com | Waxahachie Cheerleader Arrested for Shoplifting

Some of my readers drew out my hypocrisy since if this was a story about a Waxahachie High School football player, I would have run with it. Well, I just found out about allegations a WHS cheerleader was arrested for shoplifting in February at the Parks Mall --- see details in the comments section by clicking here: eco2.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/waxahachies-x6-bar-posts-pic-of-me-on-wall-w-do-not-serve/#comment-31524 --- so I told my readers that if someone hunts down the incident/arrest report, I'll publish it.

I've already done the legwork on this, so all that is needed is for someone to submit this to Arlington PD:

Yes...I am an expert at open records requests...what can I say...
To: Tiara.Richard@arlingtontx.gov
From: ?
Subject: Open Records Request

Open Records Act Request

Dear Public Information Officer, please accept this request for the following information:

1) Incident report/arrest report and/or any report taken on or about February 2010 involving a CHAYENNE OLIVER of Waxahachie, Texas for alleged shoplifting at Parks Mall; I only request information that is allowable for public consumption.

2) A mug shot of aforementioned Waxahachie resident for the alleged crime of shoplifting and/or similar or unrelated charge;

(electronic form preferred)

3) If more than one person involved with said incident, I request mug shots of those suspects as well (provided they are not minors.)

Thank you for your time.
More details: WISDBlog.com

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  1. Now, my question is this, Jason...since you and some others who have posted here worked for the X6 Bar...

    Does it seem strange to you that what would otherwise be a story somewhere else involving a cheerleader being arrested for shoplifting has been covered up at the Waxahachie Daily Light, perhaps because the mother of the arrested cheerleader is an employee at the WDL?

    Dianne Banks

    Someone said they'd be e-mailing The Ellis County Observer the arrest/police report from Banks' daughter, so as soon as it comes in, we'll upload that to both this blog and WISDBlog.com.

  2. to answer your question the only thing that comes to mind is cover up!!!!! u would think it would be er civic duty to report such happenings to her employer... she must not care about her job very much...

    ..............Dianne this has just begun I asked very nicely to be left alone , you would not listen .Now you get to feel the full power of Jason..................oh and u to "bob"