domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Poll: 70% Say Mid-Way Regional Airport Manager Should be Fired

Andy Biery has created a cesspool and one that city officials in Midlothian and Waxahachie continue to cover up for. The big word on Waxahachie Councilman Mark Singleton's yard signs this year was "accountability." I am going to make sure he eats that word every. Single. Day. I'm tired of you people ignoring the plight of the pilots at Mid-Way Regional Airport. You either flat-out ignore it or you attempt to cover it up and hope it just goes away...

It's hard to cover up any further the total sham lies that Andy Biery claims he was a "naval aviator." He was an E-4 and served four years in the military. He was nowhere near an airplane's cockpit. He continues to claim he was a naval aviator, just like he and the Waxahachie Daily Light have claimed and have not retracted the statements that he managed an airport. He never did that either.

To top it all off, the pilots have a mutiny on their hands with this Gospel-singing scam artist. He works for the public being paid by tax dollars and no one wants to shoulder "accountability" for this.

This poll has a few short days left in it --- one vote per I.P. address --- so vote now:

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  1. Joey the stink started at the top and that is with Paula she is to stupid to figure out that was a terrible mistake on hiring Andy. TXDOT has had there fill of Stupid and that is Paula putting Andy out there thinkinking he is a PM. PM's are not created by saying that they are Naval Aviators with an untruthful history. Shame on the board for allowing this lie to keep happening First of all 4 years as a mechanic does not justifiy you being called an Naval Aviator (MECHANIC) was his title no more. PM Andy's so called resume has nothing to do with construction the best that anyone can tell is that so far he has made a bunch of false statements and yes Paula once again you are to STUPID to stop the lies. Think about it Paula Most pilots have a career and a education and you basically state them as either being STUPID or liarer's there have been numerous articles that prove your little tag boy is not truthful and you still stick up for him. I can only say that with all of this in front of you and you have not taken the proper action your politcian days are over this will bite you in the a#@$ Mark where are you you stated accountability and you have not helped the farmers or pilots and have not went Against Chuck Beatty these are issues that people look at for accountability.

  2. It only takes a few minutes of walking around airport to realize that a true Dumbass is at helm. And even shorter time to know that the board is worthless as tits on a borehog. Paula another hangar becomes vacant because of poor management Andy is not able to work with the longtime tenants that have made this airport what it is and again you sit back and do nothing. Paula do your job and check into accident at at that time Red Bird Airport Dumbass was at the wheel while working for Cutter,CAN YOU SAY DRUNKER THAN HOOTER BROWN and you want Andy to represent the Airport, like I will say over and over again grow some BALLS and tell the CITY managers that Andy is not QUAILIFIED and has some i mean a lot of issues with his past. To funny i'm sitting here about to saywhat Paula needs to here and someone im me and says that the city assit manager mike scott needs to be rained in he's just a punk feeding of Andy and he is the one tellin Paula that she needs to be kissin Andy's A#$%# he is the Manager to funny Again Paula pay attenion i we are not going to tolerate your do nothin actions. When someone finaly sues the AIRPORT i know of a bunch of pilots that will stand up and send you packin.

  3. P.S. again now i see why Joey called the Airport a cesspool the man livin in his R.V. is livin in it so where is the smell coming from where isthe heath board fire Marshaletc

  4. P.S. for the last time tonight Gospel singer lady at cowboy church said Andy and his wife dropped out of church they where having marital problems o crap i thought this is where you should be if you really have faith and can tell the truth not running.

  5. Joey, when you get chance call me, I now have police report on Andy and his crash and if you want you can call Paula and ask her she wants to see it so that way she can say she has done her job for once