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Waxahachie Realtor Sticks Up for Man Accused of Sodomizing 11-Year-Old Girl

It's just getting more bizarre, isn't it? The character witness list of Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough before 378th District Court Judge Al Scoggins, R-Ennis, was like a Who's Who of the most prominent individuals in Waxahachie's "Circle" of political and business leaders.

One of those was none other than Realtor Joe Rust. Maybe you've seen the blue and white signs. Click Here: Archives on some of Rust's offspring and what they were guilty of doing in recent years...

Well let's just look at who this Who's Who list (of which I will have a full copy soon) has been character witnessing for:
-- Yarbrough has been accused of being fully naked with a then-13-year-old girl Jessica Brogdon; he told his wife Tamara Yarbough that he was "off his medications."

-- Yarbrough's son, then 16, anally raped Tamara's 3-year-old son and served time in prison for the act;

-- Yarbrough is accused by his 11-year-old daughter (reported by the courageous and heroic Waxahachie Dunaway Elementary principal and guidance counselor) of anally raping her; Child Protective Services in Waxahachie placed this young little girl with Yarbrough, where she stays currently.

-- Republican Court at Law No. 2 Judge Gene Calvert, the HONORABLE judge, issues a protective order on behalf of the little 11-year-old girl and Tamara Yarbrough. Kenneth Wayne then walks down the street and files for divorce, and thus, magically like some Satanic tooth fairy visiting Waxahachie after washing his hands in the blood of the SuperCollider tunnels or something (or worse, maybe having sex with people writing for the Waxahachie Daily Light), has Judge Al Scoggins (Google "Al Scoggins & Karen Weaver") issue a custody order forcing CPS to give custody of the 11-year-old girl to Kenneth Wayne.

Tamara Yarbrough is no angel. There's a rap sheet a mile long on her, but she has never been accused of molesting her stepchildren or biological children and then being allowed by CPS and authorities of staying with them. On the contrary, her children have alleged these crimes, mommy goes to jail, and yet CPS places the children making the allegations with the alleged abuser!

How do you sick filth like being on the Character Witness Who's Who List now? You people are either deliberately covering this up on purpose and/or are in some way part of this demonic underground cult, or you are so oblivious to what is going on that you are willing to risk your entire reputations "in the community" eye of this.

The Who's Who list, according to my sources inside several courthouses and offices on the downtown Waxahachie square, was extremely prominent. Not just Joe Rust, but several others. Big names. Big political, business leaders.

RCK Roofing is owned by Kenneth Wayne Yarbrough. He's now in business with a James Brogdon of Brogdon Roofing (located at 815 Cantrell St.) Tamara said that she brought forth the allegations of her husband to the mother of little Jessica, but...........where did those allegations go?

And why is Tamara Yarbrough the one being arrested for things?

Maybe it's the pull that Yarbrough has with certain elements within "the circle." You know, Triple A (AAA) Bail Bonds perhaps being one of the reasons...

The crape myrtles, the nicely cut lawns, the festivals and the "community" --- as well as that beautiful courthouse downtown --- serve as nothing more than a fascade to this underground haven for child molestation and the people who are covering up for this stuff.

God's Judgment is coming to those who are in the know, you better start praying for forgiveness's coming...and it's coming quick.

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  1. If someone donates $5,000 to The Ellis County Observer, I'll have a full-color mailer heading to every single resident in the City of Waxahachie. I want this stuff to go far and wide, and over and beyond that way, the demonic forces of evil who are perpetuating this cover-up and this massive sin are exposed for the vile, demonic Satanists they are.

    Thank God I have not a violent bone in my body. Thank God I don't have a single shred of physical violence (except for self defense of course) circulating my body. For if I did, and these were my children, I would pray for the soul of those who committed these barbaric acts before I took justice on them myself.

    But, thank God I simply have a blog, a pen and a keyboard.

    But, if you asked me, I'd issue a one-week warning to get all the "good people" out, put up walls around Waxahachie, fill it with toxic nuclear waste or some other flammable liquid, set the thing on fire, and watch as the demonic hellions who have covered up for the worst crimes against our children are burned alive.

    That's just my take on the matter.

    So, I'll just stick to what I know best: the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Thank God for this God-given natural birth right. For without it, we would have no watchdog over government, or of evil.

  2. Im the Aunt of this little girl and pray everyday they will get her out of there..hes a creep when you just meet this man. For these peoople to be proffesionals they should see that he is a child molester. Ive seen Ellis County through many peoples cases and when it comes to law no matter what it is they have to be the worst and its very sad. I love Waxahachie but it makes you wanna move out of this county due to their "SYSTEM"....

  3. The worst part of this whole thing is that Waxahachie Police would not take anything Tamara Yarbrough's then-10-year-old daughter (she's now 11) said, nor would they investigate this.

    It took the courageous and heroic actions of Waxahachie's Dunaway Elementary principal and guidance counselor to finally get something done, but unfortunately, CPS let the little 11-year-old girl stay with the alleged abuser.

    How this can happen is just beyond sick.