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Open Letter to Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele

This is from fellow liberty lover Judy Morris.
Open Letter to RNC Chair Michael Steele Re: Afghanistan Comments

I applaud your extraordinary courage in thinking the unthinkable and speaking the unspeakable relative to the futility of the war in Afghanistan. Many have left the GOP because of its viral neocon commitment to endless and murderous foreign interventions. I no longer vote Republican but 3rd party.

History teaches us that it was the progressives and the Democrats who were addicted to wars of empire. Democrat Woodrow Wilson got us into WW I, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt got us into WW II, Democrat Harry Truman got us into the Korean War, Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson got us into the Vietnam War and Democrat Bill Clinton got us into the Balkan Wars. According to, 35,473 Americans are dead/missing from WW I, 405,399 Americans are dead from WW II, 54,246 Americans are dead from the Korean War and 58,178 Americans are dead from the Vietnam War. That’s a grand total of 553,296 dead Americans from Democratic wars.

At a trillion bucks a year, our insane foreign policy has bankrupted the nation, destroyed our economy, assaulted our civil liberties, trashed the Constitution and has churned a once peaceful and prosperous Pax Americana into Pox Americana. It’s definitely time to focus the foreign policy debate on legitimate national defense needs vs. non-stop interventionism. The American people are sick to death of the wars and it’s time for the Republican Party to get back to its historical roots of peace by following the foreign policy advice of our founders and rejecting war unless constitutionally declared by Congress.

I would hope that you grow even more courageous and condemn all of our interventions and wars as offensive to our Constitution, inconsistent with the principles of liberty and morally repugnant. America is desperate for political leadership that will restore Pax Americana, Liberty and Prosperity. It’s July 4th and our founders who declared “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor” must be rolling over in their graves at the horrors inflicted upon a once free and prospering people by ignoble men and women with no honor and who mockingly spat upon all that was sacrificed to create the greatest free nation in all of human existence.

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  1. Hilarious. Bush invaded, and I think he should have, but then he went after Iraq, which was based on lies. When he did that, he abandoned Afghanistan, leaving it for Obama to clean up, which he is doing. Now you want to act like it's Obama's fault? This is not just spinning the facts, it's an outright knowing lie. It's like saying birthers and tea-baggers aren't 99% bigots.

    As for Democrats being in charge when most wars start, I agree. They usually followed Republican administrations that we had to clean up. I also remember pointing out the Democrats have started (and finished, by the way) the modern wars when they were being accused (no doubt by you, as well) of being "soft on terrorism," because they didn't want to invade Iraq. Now you're arguing the other side, that they're war mongerers?

    This is first-class deception. And first-rate ignorance, as well. You're bought the Rush Limbaugh lies hook, line, and sinker.

  2. Steve "the curious"7 de julio de 2010, 2:35

    maybe smart (in your own mind) but COMPLETELY ignorant of history...
    We should always beware the rantings of the fool who has to bark out the defense of...
    "...I'm no liberal, by the way. I’m more conservative than you will ever be."

    Look beyond your communist rag propaganda...
    Joe McCarthy was a patriot...
    check up on history NOT written by your liberal/communist buddies.
    JM warned about people who were in gov't ONLY.
    He warned against KNOWN communist party members being in positions of responsibility and in sensitive areas of government.
    Brought about by practicing communist dirtbags in our own gov't...
    Joel Barr {x-commy spy in the U.S. gov't who MYSTERIOUSLY disappeared to Moscow just as your heroes "the Rosenbergs" were busted...}
    returned for an interview with Ted Koppel on NightLine in '92, when asked who he voted for...
    ...or does your hatred for liberty and the US blind you to your own complicity in your 1 act play...
    Desire for tyranny!!!

    Look at Senate records and books NOT written by communist party activists with an agenda to bury JM with lies and distortion of the truth.
    Hey, I'll bet they (communist party hacks) used the phrase "closet homosexual" too.
    Tell me, is your handler here, and do you bow before the [hammer and cycle] every morning before typing your garbage???
    Your buddies in Moscow held the entire world hostage for 50 years and bled away the lives of hundreds of millions of people because of ...
    We now in the US accept this form of gov't every day because of YOUR attitude, not mine.
    Perry is your creation...
    Not mine, or any other informed freedom loving patriot that makes up the bulk of American society.
    Maybe you and Perry can charter one of those fine stolen US technology jets from Russia and move to the *workers paradise* you love so much.
    By your own admission, Bush was still better than your democrat prez's

  3. Smarter Than You9 de julio de 2010, 1:36

    Also, Amy, I do agree with Arizona's immigration law. I wish we would do it here in Texas, but Rick Perry has created a sanctuary state where it will never happen.

    I don't believe this is "socialized medicine," and am more than happy to help people get health care. I hope for the best for American citizens, and that means having as many be healthy and literate as possible.

  4. Steve "glad NOT to be ewe"9 de julio de 2010, 3:46

    ewe smart...
    Ewe're fixation with homosexuality is very telling about who ewe really are.
    It is typical of communists like ewe that ewe would smear patriots like Joe McCarthy.
    Tried and convicted w/o knowledge of fact...
    It's ewer MO, ewe should be proud.
    Ewe love to live ignorant of history and buy the dems lies hook, Red line and commy sinker.
    Presented with overwhelming evidence (Venona project) ewe stick ewe're head into the ground like an osterich.
    AGAIN, never trust the fool who feels compelled to to say...
    "And again, I’m conservative–without labels like Republican or Democrat. I am an ultra-conservative civil libertarian."
    Sure ewe are...
    Because that damn sure guarantees that ewe're not what ewe say ewe are!!!
    Ewe are the typical chameleon like liberal/dem who votes, agrees with, spouts the dem party line at ewer lib friends and then changes colors when looking for credibility because ewe ALSO intrinsically know that you're point of (liberal) view is...
    defending the indefensible.
    Then ewe're type, when ewe run out of talking points, launch into personal attacks.
    It's right out of the 'ol demo-commy playbook.
    Try something new for once.
    Just admit who ewe really are...
    come out of the closet if ewe will...
    Then ewe will feel allot better about ewerself...
    On the supremes...ewe say
    "What do you think about the supreme court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act? You want states rights, right? So the federal ban on gay marriage should gave been overturned, right?"
    States rights and the interstate commerce clause of the constitution.
    That's why this ruling can be dangerous to all states. What one state recognizes, ALL states MUST recognize.
    Hey wait, that's collectivization, that's why ewe like this one so much...
    Ewe sly dog ewe...
    Again ewer hysterical historical lack of knowledge commy-lib style showing through.
    Ewe say...
    "That’s why I don’t understand why you Republican nut jobs are so mad about Obama. He’s basically kept all of the same policies Bush had on terrorism."
    If ewe were truly a conservative like ewe say ewe are then this would be a "no brainer" for ewe.
    And that's where ewer type really show ewer real intellect.
    The ol'bamanater is playing around like a petulant child, swinging out against every American interest abroad. He's single handedly screwing up Bush's work in Iraq AND Afghanistan.
    The only foreign policy that ol'bamanater has put in place is...
    that the terrorists can't be called terrorists any more.
    OUCH! we sure showed them!!!
    The ol' bamanater has made America a laughing stock all across the world and ewe continue to
    smoke his fatty.
    What ever the hell that means?
    ewe say...
    "I don’t believe this is “socialized medicine,” and am more than happy to help people get health care. I hope for the best for American citizens, and that means having as many be healthy and literate as possible."
    Then ewe can send me your money starting NOW.
    I'll spend ewe're money much better than any bureaucrat ever will.
    And just think, ewe're conscience can be clear 'cause it's not socialized medicine.
    Ewe can hope for the best for me, while I'm spending ewer money.
    Don't look it as socialized or wasted, look at it as my next new car!!!
    Me and Amy need a vacation, so send now and send often!!!
    I'll bet ewe already know my address, so just start sending me ewer money today.
    It'll make ewe feel much better about ewerself.
    Oh, that's right, I forgot, ewe only feel good about ewerself when ewe spend someone else's money.
    In the immortal words of someone I know...

  5. Not socialized medicine?.........Then explain Obama appointing the biggest believer in socialized medicine in the country over Medicare and Medicaid. Suddenly, you don't look smarter than me.

  6. Smarter Than You9 de julio de 2010, 5:29

    I suppose you want to get rid Medicare and Medicaid as well? Those are the only socialized programs. What the Congress (not Obama) passed into law is price caps on insurance and taking away their ability to deny certain claims. We use the same privately-run insurance companies (there is no single payor rule, remember), and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as always. The government did not hire a single doctor, create a single hospital, or create a single insurance program. Those would be socialized medicine.

    It's difficult to have a meaningful conversation with you when you dont even know what 'socialized' means.

    Steve, buddy, you never did smoke that fatty did you? You sound like you're about to have a stroke.

  7. Steve "glad NOT to be ewe"9 de julio de 2010, 7:39

    Smarter than...the racist...ewe
    It’s difficult to have a meaningful conversation with you when you dont even know what ‘socialized’ means
    Socialism is an economic and political theory based on public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources...
    That's right off of wiki, babe...
    What the Congress (not Obama) passed into law is price caps on insurance and taking away their ability to deny certain claims...
    blah, blah, blah...
    AGAIN, no knowledge with conviction on ewer part...
    The ol'bamster signed the bill into law.
    The congress couldn'ta done it without the bamster.
    or did that little technicality escape ewer attention as well?
    If the bamster didn't agree with the bill then why did he sign it into law?
    Oh yeah, 'cause it's what he wanted, and the repub's couldn't stop it.
    The bill provides for activities that will put the private insurance companies out of business.
    Nothing evidence will convince ewe of that, when ewer a commy/lib dem just like ewe.
    Ewe wouldn't be convinced if the bill had said...
    "We are going to take over your health care industry"
    Ewe have probably argued that the holocaust never happened, because a tyrant in Iran "who is an elected leader" says it didn't happen.
    So, yes I agree that "meaningful" is out of the question with the likes of ewe.

  8. Y'all are just too crazy to respond to with logic and facts. No wonder the Republican Party is broke, it relies on hayseeds like you to support it and you can't even keep a coherent thought. Probably can't hold down a decent job.


    "too crazy to respond with logic and facts"-- as ewe ignore the facts presented... ;)

  10. The govt is telling you what to buy, how much to spend, what to eat, how to eat, where to go, how to get there, who to believe, who not to believe, why the govt knows better, why they don't,...................................................What is not socialized, or socialistic?

  11. Y'all get seriously crazier and crazier, the longer a post gets. It's fun to watch.

    A fatty is a big joint Steve, which you need to calm the hell down.

    And what's with all the "she" stuff? Is that an insult to you? Don't you like women?

  12. and Smarter Than Ewe still hasn't figured out who is in charge of each state's National Guard, lol! ayup-- keep avoiding the facts STY.......

    will you be at the City Council meeting Monday evening? I might give you a piece of chocolate if you have figured out how the National Guard [and socialism] works by then. ;)