viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Votes Against Audit the Fed Bill (Roll Call: 198-229)

Congressional District 30 (CD-30) Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, made Campaign For Liberty's Hall of Shame list after she voted against auditing the Federal Reserve. See the list of all of the Hall of Fame attendees here:

The final vote was 198-229, unfortunately. The sponsor was Congressman Ron Paul, R-Lake Jackson.

Kudos to Congressman Joe Barton, R-Ennis, for voting for auditing the books of the Federal Reserve. Once people get a clue as to how our economy really operates (from the auspices of a central bank...which is the Fed), they will become more informed...and hopefully angry. Very, very angry.

This Nov. 2, CD-30 voters don't have to be stuck with an African-American socialist. They can instead vote for an African-American capitalist, Dr. Stephen Broden. The Ellis County Observer wholeheartedly endorses Dr. Broden.

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