domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

My False Imprisonment Makes July 4 Extremely Special

To those who have served honorably in our military, in our police, fire and public services, thank you. You are truly an inspiration, and I appreciate your service.

To those who are reading this blog for the first time, I was thrown in jail falsely accused and served 12 days at the hands of a volunteer police reserve officer in Combine, Texas. My charges were flat-out rejected by prosecutors in Dallas County, and I walked out a free man. Those 12 days imprisoned falsely at the hands of an over-politically motivated disgrace of a cop showed me the appreciation I have of public servants to this day.

I will leave with this quote from the now-former cop who had me thrown in jail, as recently as two weeks ago on this blog:
"You got off so be happy and get over it." --- John Allen "Jay" Hoskins

Such an arrogant remark is another reason I filed a civil rights lawsuit against Combine, Texas recently.

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  1. michael meissner4 de julio de 2010, 9:19

    Too much history and drama no da will touch it,drivers licence picture (mine )
    was posted for years hmmmmm.Combines gonna pay no muss no fuss its already in the works and I dont see anyone marching on the capital to refile any charges(duh)the records will reflect in weeks that none of it even happened.Thank you Brian Robinson for telling the truth.Opyre or watever is a good man .One thing about it folks no one, media, politicians ,law enforcement, watever will ever believe anything about this because of how it was done mostly because of the history of everyone involved.

  2. Hoskins go away your not believable or credible I hope they lock you up for the creepy shit you did.What a joke!

  3. Yep, I said and meant every word of all of that.

    Setting up Web sites that are destroying my servers because of the higher traffic --- definitely worth it.

    Having you out of law enforcement, for sure worth it.

    Oh, I also bought and to prevent another Hoskins...and when I find them, I will expose them just like I did you on and

  4. You can send a text message from anywhere. It came from your own cell records there Michael.

    Your a sick pervert. There was nothing creepy I did. The only creep was Michael Meissner and his porno business. Was all the messages involving drug activity while you were on duty too??

    Even the Mayor of Little River Academy said you stayed on the phone all the time and couldn't tell the truth!

    Claim they are not your messages. Funny that same phone was seized from you.

  5. Hahahahah Sara Ruth Spector even called you guys?

    How funny. I hope that Jewish tramp is scared shitless, because if she ever ever ever ever destroys another family, I'll devote an entire newspaper to her ass...


    Sara Ruth Spector lol. ...what a funny gal.

  6. This Hoskins guy is nuts.Comical keep it going guys we are at the pd loving this...

  7. Random here, but there was also a visit made by John Allen "Jay" Hoskins to the Dallas Police Department station to inform/notify Red Oak resident/DPD officer Keith Johnson not to talk to me because "the FBI was involved."

    Was this an attempt to tamper with witnesses? I'm not sure, but I do know that Keith Johnson was listed and mentioned in the search warrant affidavit that "Detective" Hoskins submitted to 86th District Court Judge Howard Tygrett.

    I consider Keith Johnson a friend, and when I found out about the DPD visit made by Hoskins, it concerned me greatly...

    Surely there wasn't any attempt on Combine PD's superstar reserve detective to tamper with witnesses was there? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.