lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Child Protective Services Atty Feared for Her Safety Due to The Ellis County Observer

Sara Ruth Spector, the former Child Protective Services attorney for County/District Atty Joe Grubbs, looked for employment elsewhere after she reportedly thought The Ellis County Observer was putting her safety and jeopardy in line. This came from the ex-Combine Police Dept. reserve officer John Allen "Jay" Hoskins yesterday (Hoskins had me thrown in jail for 12 days, and now there is a civil rights lawsuit at work; Hoskins and his chief both resigned after I walked out of jail a free man, all charges being rejected by Dallas County prosecutors):
Comal County Assistant District Attorney Sara SPECTOR contacted this agency, and stated that when she was an ADA in Ellis County within the past year, that DAUBEN posted that she needed to be the victim of “vigilante justice” for her involvement in a CPS case as an attorney for the State, and subsequently, MEISSNER began to place several phone calls to her. She stated she did not return them. SPECTOR stated she further feared for her safety, and immediately began pursuing jobs elsewhere after DAUBEN’S calls for “vigilante justice”.
LOL @ "vigilante justice." I guess if vigilante justice is whipping up parents, supporters, readers of the blog and lawyers to shape the public opinion against Spector, I'm "guilty" of making her leave Ellis County. Thank God, and good riddance. Sara Ruth Spector is a psychopath whose father and brother are both psychologists. She has no children. She has no husband, yet she thought she could bully her way into Court at Law No. 1 hearings and argue that fathers who were meth addicts and who never saw their kid were acceptable to take custody of them. She also called in a suicide attempt -- and I have that from the very dispatchers who took the call! Spector asked at least two times with me in the audience to have Court at Law No. 1 restrict, ban and gag any writings on the blogs and newspapers, at which point Judge Greg Wilhelm totally rejected.

Not everyone can be your friend, Sara...I know you benefitted by being friends with the Waxahachie Daily Light's JoAnn Livingston.

I was destroying CPS cases through this blog, and Sara Ruth Spector was the biggest "prize" ------ she didn't like the fact her cases were being tried in the press and on the blog, and more and more angry parents found out the truth, and more and more came out of the woodwork. I posted CPS employees' pay scales and resumes online (on this very blog) to give parents some ammo in dealing with these family-destroying tramps.
Vigilante justice, haha. I'm harmless as a gnat, people. Former "detective" Hoskins was so traumatized that I would create and and issue editorial attacks on him that he had me thrown in jail for 12 least when I was getting paid money to create those Web sites, I was utilizing them to publish the truth about him and others' records (much like he did with and The Bardwell Intruder.) Unlike JoAnn Livingston, I don't get paid not to report things...there's a market for the truth, is what I've always said.

I have too. Is that a crime? I was paid $25 to get Does anyone want to start an "investigation" on me now for that? You people are comical...

I got rid of Sara Spector just like I got rid of a whole bunch of people in public office. This blog has taken all sorts of people on, and it has brought down a myriad of elected and appointed officials.

I don't need concoctions of violence to carry out my mission...I just need a pen, a keyboard, a digital camera and a newspaper, of which I am about to hold seven such papers in my portfolio.

Do you people think I'm setting up newspapers to publish recipes and city council stories? Haha! You folks don't know me that well. I'm setting up this miniature media empire to ensure that everyone all across this county and surrounding areas have as much information as possible as to who their elected/appointed officials are. That's why I pulled the TCLEOSE information of every commissioned cop in a six-county radius.
Elections come, elections go, but this blog has remained. I have been on the scene since I was 19-years-old. Not even jail stopped me, nor intimidation, nor threats of lawsuits.

I do not back down to anyone, gypsy cop or assistant DA, or the like.

You guys hate the fact I am totally destroying you...and if that is vigilante justice, then Sara Ruth Spector was in fact a victim, which would make that a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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  1. In re-reading that, it does not even come close to what I bought for. I bought the URL, forwarded it to a YouTube video depicting her. You are as lazy and stupid in misapplying sections of laws as you are accusing me of felonies. Give it up, Hoskins.

  2. Yeah he is a moron. Shor'e would look cute thar' in jail. My bet is that you end up back in jail sooner or later. Maybe you can get acquainted with prison life. Maybe start a prison chapter of the log cabin republicans.. You can be the prison's own 'lil Twinkie or Rainbow Brite.

  3. Someone somewhere in Ellis County is going to get really sick and tired of Sara Spector’s spectacle and either sue her personally, or meet her in a back alley and totally perform vigilante justice on her. She is known for intimidating and threatening witnesses who have come directly to me to give their CPS horror stories.

  4. So then when Joey Dauben or his editors edit the posters names, such as was done recently to make it appear someone ( a real person) had posted something when they didn't - then that would be a crime?

  5. "I was paid 25 dollars to get" Why didn't they just buy it themselves? Who has something to hide? Is it an attorney that was a sore loser?

  6. Joey's intentions have always been good.
    He is a good guy. I have known him for years.
    Why would anyone want to see him in jail?
    Is it because he is taller, better looking, smarter, and or more respected, than you?
    I dont know. I am Just Curious............

  7. Hi everyone. This is Sara Spector. I did not authorize this website, My uncle passed away tonight. Please stop stalking and harassing me. God bless you all
    and I will prey for you in honor of my uncle whose favorite philosophy was turn the other cheek. Jesus was so wise.

  8. To Payt: This sounds so much like Sara. She will be crying woe is me one minute then cursing you the next. Keep up the good work Joey. You can't do enough to rid the State of Texas of her.

  9. The multiple personalities explains why Sara Ruth Spector called a local police agency one night and wanted to commit suicide. It explains why she acts that way when her brother and father are both psychologists.

    It's purely satanic that she would seek to establish herself as a "family lawyer" for CPS with the realistic goal of tearing families apart.

    Her demons guide her. But she has allies in her line of work...most of them still left behind in Ellis County after she left...

    And they, too, will be on the receiving end of my electronic wrath if and when I find that they are not operating "up to code." (i.e., the Family Code states CPS' objective is to reunite families.)

  10. If it is she must be nuts coming on this blog. Then calling out the chick that lost kids