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Sara Ruth Spector Flashback | Child Endangerment in Ennis, Meth-Using Dad in Waxahachie

The Waxahachie Daily Light reported today that an Ennis child endangerment case has been filed because a small child was left unattended and there was marijuana within reach.

It's a comical irony that JoAnn Livingston would see fit to report on this, yet totally cover up for her best friend, Sara Ruth Spector, formerly a CPS attorney in County/District Attorney Joe Grubbs' office. If one wants to know why I got to picking on Spector, it's because of this case right here:

-- Natasha Bryant's child was given to a father who had never even met his infant son. This "father" was a total deadbeat, admitting to, and testing positive for, meth use and these infamous photos that were published in a front page article I did for The Ellis County Press:

Taken from the 15-year-old girl's MySpace page

23-year-old Roybal with 15-year-old girl

Mmm, classy. Sara Ruth Spector argued that a child this guy had never before seen before be allowed custody, despite the evidence that he was an admitted drug user (tested positive for it, too) and made out with a 15-year-old tramp.

The mother (Natasha Bryant) with 10-month-old Landon and 7-year-old Abigail.

The video that ECP reporter Megan Gray took showed/shows Sara Ruth Spector outside of a hearing in the Bryant case. Sara Ruth Spector had just requested that Judge Greg Wilhelm not allow anything to be published about the case on my blog or in the paper. He refused the request. And Sara Ruth Spector got her just reward: being caught on tape conferring with a local lawyer. The discussion probably centered on taking Bryant's kids away and giving them to a meth-using, underage girl-banging deadbeat.

JoAnn Livingston never wrote a word on this case. Her credibility is completely shot to smithereens though.

And then recently, Sara Ruth Spector was found out to have left Ellis County because she feared for her safety as a result of this blog...the bitch ought to be scared shitless, for her entire career is out and around the World Wide Web. She ought pray that I don't find every family with a CPS case and notify them of her wicked family-destroying ways. That's why I bought, so that parents and others can be warned about her. Sara Ruth Spector resigned after this electronic lynching, and the bitch admitted to being in fear of her safety due to what this blog was publishing.

Of course, no physical threat was ever conveyed, nor will it ever since my pen, my keyboard and my arsenal of video and digital cameras have taken care of little problems like Spector. Unfortunately for Comal County, Texas, they must deal with the psycho-Sara. She once called in a suicide attempt -- that's according to a dispatcher who received and routed the call. Her brother and father are both psychologists. She's not married, and has no children. So her credibility in mandating via the court system of how parents should raise families is beyond anything worth a damn.

I don't usually refer to women as bitches, but this is a word that is used routinely to describe Spector and her little family-shredding minions still working in our county.

There's a reason people come to me and this blog when they have CPS horror stories. It's because I can shine the biggest light in the county on all of the problems...and force out people from their jobs if I have to...Spector doesn't need to worry about me ever inflicting physical-anything on her or anyone. I'm not the type to use the sword.

My pen is much more effective.

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