jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Dallas' Trinity River Levee Rigging Will Destroy Eastern Ellis County

My friends, neighbors, opponents and other "leaders" (or so-called) in Ellis County need to take heed to what liberal Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (she just needs to resign now...time to get rid of her) just did with Dallas' Trinity River levee system: dallasobserver.com/2010-07-01/news/senator-kay-bailey-hutchison-took-a-meat-axe-to-federal-law-to-get-the-mayor-his-toll-road-but-did-she-even-think-about-the-consequences?src=newsletter

I have said this before on this very blog: what Dallas does upstream will have major impacts to Bristol, India and the eastern Ellis County line in the long run...this is outrageous what they are doing...their development north of us will flood homes and properties and create mass chaos if those $90 million bridges and their pipe-dreamt sailboats and park space around the sewage and body-filled Trinity have the effect I think they'll have...

Don't believe a word I say? Well ask Lancaster about Ten Mile Creek in DeSoto and how those developments upstream destroyed the houses and properties in Lancaster several years back...

If you guys aren't paying attention to Dallas right now, you folks need to...because I can only imagine what will happen if these levees break upstream, or if the massive development of the Trinity is carried out...

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  1. I'd much rather be Doom and Gloom now and say it publicly to prevent a potential incident down the line or in a few years and people claim, "well, duhhhh, I had my thumb up my butt and didn't even know this was gonna happen, huk-yuk."