domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

John Allen Jay Hoskins: 'You Got Off So Be Happy and Get Over It.'

I plan to fully exploit the quotes from disgraced Combine police officer John Allen "Jay" Hoskins (posted on my blog recently) in my civil rights lawsuit I recently filed against the city for my false imprisonment last fall.
"You got off so be happy and get over it." --- John Allen "Jay" Hoskins
This is such an arrogant way to begin a civil rights lawsuit case...I'll be sure this creeps into exhibits in the 86th District Court in Kaufman County...

See Also: & and as of July 1, the front page of The Suburbia newspaper in Seagoville.

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  1. Talk about quotes and messages, I would be more concerned when Meissner's cell messages get thrown in to the suit absolutely obliterating any claim you ever had.

    Lets see here "Mike, I want the payment up front...".....'go to wal mart now 50 awaits". "Ok Mike, if your lying I won't ever work with you again.... It went through, I will e-mail you so far what I have got on him" 'You'll get anything you want Mike"...."Im gonna send you 75 go after his ass"

    ....Thank's again Mike let me know how Gary's (O'Pry) is doing, we can fully finish Hoskins off this time

    Sure would love to see those messages get aired out in a court room. You were in cahoots with Michael Meissner. Quote that. And also be sure to mention the fact that I was not the affiant on your arrest warrants b/c after the search warrant was ran, I was actually the victim of YOUR and MEISSNER'S antics, which Judge Cruzot, after meeting with Robinson, believed it to be RETALIATION, among other things.

    You see when you get this in to the court room it don't look like Joey was the innocent one after all. In fact, you cant use journalist shield laws on those messages. They didn't come from your phone OR e-mail. They came from Meissners! Then they can also see the drugs and soliciting underage (under 18 year olds) he was trying to get drunk and screwing on camera!).,

  2. ...but, I'm all for taking down people who are engaged in the stuff you and Combine accused the ex-Bardwell chief of...however, thanks to your inept "detective" skills, you let your career obsession "get away."

    So, I give you credit on 10 percent of what you did. Ninety-percent of you will never, ever, ever be worth a damn.

  3. Oh, I also bought and to prevent another Hoskins...and when I find them, I will expose them just like I did you on and

  4. Steve "the preacher"8 de julio de 2010, 4:00

    charlotted, dittos...
    A great man once said...
    "Tyranny is not a crown that only graces the head of a [smarmy, smiley faced politician] king or despot"
    Emphasis added by me...
    The founding fathers of the United States knew the inherent evil that is in ANY government, and they (founding fathers) warned us against it.
    Keep it (gov't) weak and ALWAYS accountable to the public it serves.
    Anyone who is put in a position of *trust and power* over us is, unfortunately, to be mistrusted, not to mention held to a higher standard of accountability at all times.
    That's what the Oath of Office is all about.
    Trust but a good fallback position.
    If we as citizens swear in court to "tell the whole truth" and then lie and get caught, then we can be punished...
    A law or oath w/o punishment is worse than useless, it becomes a crime in itself to the people it is supposed to serve.
    Accountability in the public sector has been a joke for a long time now.
    How many times have we heard some higher up {sworn by an oath} government type say...
    "I take full responsibility..."???
    We smirk, throw something at the tv and swear ...!@#$%^&*...'cause we realize it's BS!
    It's meaningless unless he/she takes the fall for their *sworn* responsibility.
    I've noticed that any publicly funded organization seems to run by a different mind set.
    It rears it ugly head whenever these folks, who know that you are dependent on them for something swing into action or inaction.
    "The Law" is particularly guilty in this respect, I've been asked before "if I'm a lawyer?" when it came to police questioning on even a simple traffic stop.
    Why should I have to be a lawyer to understand my rights and their limitations?
    THAT is the cry and moaning of an awakening tyrant, that like "the troll under the bridge", lives under the roof of a rigged system.
    I believe that these *Rotten Apples* have spoiled the entire "public employee" barrel [if only in image] because the bad fruit isn't removed in a timely manner.
    It's the "stepping in doggy poop" principle...
    It is as much the responsibility of the contemporaries of these "rotting fruits" as it is ours to remove them from "forthwith" from any position of public trust.
    Even Almighty God will hold "leaders" of any sort to higher standards of judgement (parents, politicians, POLICE, preachers, kings and despots) and a reconing will be in the wings for us all...
    Starting at the top and working down...

  5. Dick Austin Managing Editor8 de julio de 2010, 9:48

    E-Mails from Mark
    From: Joey G. Dauben
    Sent: Thur 7/8/10 3:44 PM


    I cannot speak publicly on the case right now, but I can't prevent you guys from saying something on the blog or in print. I'm not asking you to, but I'm not going to stop you either.

    I did go by Mark Griffith's office today to retrieve the stack of e-mails Hoskins sent him during the time I was still locked up and after I got out of jail. The e-mails will be headed over to the legal team.

    Dick, I have no problem with us running a story in our July 14 issue, but you'll need to speak to the legal team to get a comment, as I'm silenced at the moment.

    I'll ask if we can't maybe run a few of the e-mails from Hoskins to Mark in the paper. We'll see.

    Joey G. Dauben
    The Palmer Post
    P.O. Box 221
    Palmer, TX 75152

  6. Well, micheal meissner, if that's who you are, I know your background also. I have actually witnessed you in action. I also know many others that have. You have been a thorn in a real police officers side for years. Hopefully this ends now as your fame precedes you in most counties and no one of any stature will hire you. Hopefully, the state will get someone to actually prosecute you and pull your certification which should have been done years ago.
    You are a poor facsimile of a police officer. As for the officers that know your history, the good officers will have nothing to do with you. Those that do are only the ones in your category.
    You are correct, this has been a long going situation. If it were up to me, you would be washing patrol cars instead of driving them. As for knowing who I am, you are such an idiot.