viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Ennis | Total Outrage: Ousted School Board Trustee Durbin Appointed to Vacancy

This is a total sham: Conni Durbin lost re-election to the Ennis ISD school board on May 8. A few weeks later, Pete Bibby resigned his board seat, leaving a vacancy. Now the Ennis ISD took their ousted school board trustee that the voters did not want and re-installed her.

This is a total outrage.

That's like appointing Judge Greg Wilhelm to the soon-to-be-vacant 378th District Court seat after voters ousted him in the March 2 GOP primary for his Court at Law No. 1 bench seat. I like Greg Wilhelm, voted for him more than once, but this is insane.

Who do I have to sleep with around this county to get ths treatment Connie Durbin received?

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