domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

Food for Thought: There is No 'Great Tribulation,' Third Temple, Rapture

Since my career highlights have taken out two of the most corrupt individuals in Ellis County politics today (Gene Knize and soon, Joe Grubbs), which was done through two primary elections ('06, '08...ask yourself: if they were not phased by this blog, why retire?), I'm injecting a lot more study, research and questioning into the mainstream, mainline Christian "prophecy" movement. It's a pretty massive paradigm shift to go under the impression that there won't be a world political leader known as the Antichrist, or a Great Tribulation, or the reconstruction of the Third Temple...basically, there will not be a story and plotline as current mainstream Christian prophecy teaches it.

Which is why, Exploding the Israel Deception by Steve Wohlberg is such a massive full-scale, shred-all-semblance-of-prophetic comfort. I've never bought into this myth that the "Church" was going to be raptured out of the earth before "the really bad things happen." Come to find out, the various points and doubts I had about mainline Christianity's prophecy arm started re-appearing in Wohlberg's book, as if to say these were confirmations that what I had questioned...this book had answered.

I seriously fully doubt that Muslims will allow for the construction of the Third Temple in a location they currently control. It just ain't gonna happen (in Revelation, the Temple is always followed by, "in Heaven." So there's a Temple Heaven.) The rapture is a big money-maker theory, but one only has to study the Biblical feasts (seven in all) to show the pattern and plan God has for the world stage.

If no Antichrist world political leader, then who? I've always thought the Roman papacy is and was the counterfeit --- and has built upon this earth the massive "antichrist doth already at work" Paul taught and wrote about in the first century. Kinda like Judas Iscariot right? Don't oppose someone by opposing them outright, but oppose them by being, talking, acting like, the St. Malachy prophecy that predicts 112 popes is and has been right on for 400, 500 years. We are on Pope No. 111 right now. Peter the Roman is the next in line. Flee to the hills when you see that guy come on the world stage...

Steve Wolhlberg is a Jewish Christian, and his short 130-page book was consumed in two hours today. This is a book that will destroy the mainline Christian prophetic movement, if I'm able to get the media empire in place large enough to broadcast it. Don't think I haven't harbored visions and goals of one day making the "paper-azzi" that I am building launch me full into the radio and TV side of things eventually...

With the right amount of teachers, media outlets, etc., Exploding the Israel Deception could be one massive meteor in the conventional wisdom we have about "Bible prophecy."

More Information:
Exploding the Israel Deception
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