viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Ex-Constitution Party Chair Launches

Wish you guys out there in Ellis County political land would consult me before buying up extremely long, hard-to-spell-in-a-toolbar URL and domain names...if there's anyone who knows domain names and URLs, it's me :) Anyway, ex-Constitution Party of Ellis County chair Bill Horning has a new venture:
William Horning
More and more Americans today are awakening to realize that we have major problems in this country that need to be addressed. From the large turnout for the Tea Party in Harry Reed’s home town of Searchlight, Nevada to the Mall in Washington, D.C, they are showing their awareness and frustration with what they have discovered

Never before in our history, at least not since the day first “Hundred Days” of Franklin D. Roosevelt, have we seen such a rush to pass heavily socialist and of course un-constitutional legislation, as Barack Obama. FDR’s first “Hundred Days” in 1933, was filled with legislation promoting Public Works, Home-Owners Loans, Federal Emergency Relief, Emergency Banking Acts, Civilian Conservation Corps, and abandoning the Gold Standard for fiat (paper) money. It looks like Obama is doing a re-run of 1933-1938 with similar type bills, only worse this time.

Many history books will claim that Roosevelt saved America from collapse. In reality, what he did was to change the character of the nation from one of mostly self-reliance, to one of believing in government as the solution. Government was not the solution then, and it is not the solution now. FDR was wrong as is Obama, who is working to finish off what is left of our Republic. Government is always the problem. That is why our Founders wanted it bound with the chains of the Constitution.

It is time for the American people to open their mind to freedom and make it important in their life. To help us all do that,  “Opening Minds to Freedom” will officially go on line worldwide July 4th, 2010. This new tool is, in effect, a “Declaration of Resistance” to anyone who would try to enslave or deprive us of our God given freedom.

The Home Page will have current news items along with stories, videos, and cartoons, appropriate for the day along with other information. Be sure to see our original story about the oil crisis in the Gulf. This disaster has the potential to be a 9-11 type event in its impact..

An easy Menu Bar guides you to everything and helps you learn About the website.  You can read Articles, including ones I have written along with articles submitted by other readers. I encourage you to submit your articles on various constitutionally related topics for us to post.. High Impact News will concentrate on just the Most Important news, the key issues that need our immediate attention.

History buffs, teachers, public and home school students, as well as all American patriots will be glad to see the Education Section of the site. Here you will find a “Chronology of American History” and a very large collection of “Historical Documents” for your research, plus other interesting items.

Our Problems Section (under construction) will point out how we got into the trouble we’re in. I think you will be thrilled when you see it. People are always asking, “What can I do?” so you will find the Solutions Section very helpful. It lists things we all can do, from individuals and families all the way up to groups and businesses. Please share your ideas with us, so we can post them and everyone can discover new and practical ways to defeat our badly outnumbered enemy. We will win if we just try.

A Voting Guide will be out this fall to help people make better decisions about their vote in the coming elections. An educated voter is the worst nightmare for incumbents that need to get a real job for a real change.

Our Day Makers Section should be a blessing as we joyfully carry on our battle for freedom. Here you will find “Strength for Today” with an inspirational message and the “Patriot’s Almanac” with a message from our Founders. Local friends provided this section.

The Patriot’s Call to Action will tell you what you need to do right now to help keep the freedom we still have or regain some of what we have lost. This action might be a phone call, an email, a fax, a letter, going to a meeting, or passing information to friends.

Please tell your friends about us. The website will be growing, changing and improving all the time. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. None of this would have happened without the support of friends in Ellis County which helped spark these ideas. “Thank you” to everyone, and may God Bless America and freedom reign once again.

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