viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Combine Lawsuit Update: E-Mail Bombshell Unloaded

Yesterday, it was revealed in a stack of e-mails to Waxahachie defense lawyer Mark Griffith that ex-Combine Detective John Allen Hoskins attempted to use his badge to have The Ellis County Observer shut down, as well as articles, YouTube videos, TCLEOSE documents and user comments deleted that discussed his Combine arrest. Dauben was arrested for publishing a mug shot of ex-Combine Reserve Police Officer William Achey on the blog.

From: J. Hoskins (
Sent: Wed 9/23/09 12:44 PM
To: Mark Griffith

Mark It is my strongest request to remove references to Joey and Jail on the blog, publisher arrested, crooked combine, gypsyjay etc.

The bloggers are going on about the evidence in the case and we need to get that locked down and moderated. Tell whoever you need to tell to put a hiatus on topics and responses regarding everyone in the case.

I am working with the Sheriff;s Office and DAs office to get him out of jail, and if that does not produce results I will go to the judge myself and get the warrants recalled.
As one can tell from the above E-Mail sent from Detective Hoskins to Defense Lawyer Mark Griffith, the ex-Reserve Officer attempted to restrict the freedom of the press while Dauben was STILL IN JAIL. Dauben was arrested Monday, September 14th and released Friday, September 25th. Dallas County prosecutors refused to take the case and rejected Combine's Case on Friday, September 18th, which would have made Dauben a free man.
"They kept me in jail for six extra days," Dauben said recently.
More details available in the July 14th issue of The Palmer Post newspaper.

Dick Austin
Managing Editor
The Palmer Post

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  1. Not yet. I'll be delivering the entire stack of e-mails to the legal team, either tomorrow or Monday morning. I have to just copy and paste the ones that I've got. I do have hard copies of everything Mark received via e-mail though.

  2. whataburgerlover@yahoo.com9 de julio de 2010, 15:42

    Lets see, did you get the order that was signed by the judge? That's not a bombshell what you have. That actually proves he was trying to get you out of jail!

    Lets see there goes the whole false imprisonment claim. Looks like the DA and Sheriff were the ones keeping you locked up and not Combine PD.

  3. youknowyou'rewrong11 de julio de 2010, 7:15

    Dick Austin....Another name for Joey Dauben....There is no such thing as Dick Austin here..Just a a name to use when someone is too chicken to use their own identity. Wonder who's picture that was Joey stole with the Dick Austin name underneath from google images....

    What a FRAUD.

  4. His own lawyer must have quit! His lawyer's postings mysteriously disappeared from the blog!

  5. whataburgerlover@yahoo.com11 de julio de 2010, 14:55

    Sounds like Glen Jackson or Jeremy Phillips at the Ellis County Press. Wrote under those names too.

    Todd Phillipi is his know the one who got indicted for something like fraud if I remember correctly.

    I think I am going to file some records requests myself and see what I can't find out about this bogus suit. Funny thing he hasn't scanned it and put it online. Its a public record.

  6. Unlike Jeremy Phillipps, which was an alias for John Hoskins, Dick Austin is actually my editor at The Palmer Post.

    He's been around a lot longer than what you guys believe, so if that's the way you want to believe, you're certainly entitled to it, just as you are entitled to believe nothing wrong was committed against me.

    Do all the public records requests that you guys want. And yes, it's all public record, every bit of it.

  7. So does that make you Glen Jackson?

    Anyone can FILE a lawsuit, winning is another matter. Odds don't look in your favor. You just try to stir controversy, and even if you win you would never see a dime of the proceeds having that nearly 300k federal judgment against you.