jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Midlothian JFK Conspiracy Researcher Files Federal Suit Against City of Dallas

This is the prime example of why I distrust corrupt law enforcement officers. Their training manuals do not supercede the U.S. Constitution, but these commissioned authoritarians are no different than Hitler's SS -- many of these guys "just doing their jobs" ought to lose them. But kudos to Robert Groden, one of two JFK heroes that had the nuts to expose my favorite president dying for what he believed in (Midlothian Mirror editor Penn Jones ranks as my No. 1 hero) in 1963...

Groden has filed a federal lawsuit against Dallas for this: blogs.dallasobserver.com/unfairpark/2010/06/robert_groden_files_federal_su.php

UPDATE: blogs.dallasobserver.com/unfairpark/2010/07/judge_has_scheduled_tuesday_he.php

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  1. Maggi archdeacon1 de julio de 2010, 8:50

    Your a JFK buff too joey?! I love those vendors at dealy plaza.. I buy one of those newspapers every time I go to the sixth floor museum. They always show me something new on the assassanation..