jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

It Costs $300 to Put Banners Up @ Waxahachie Farmer's Market

Perfect example of what happens when cities and their authoritarian policies and economic central planning do...for example, in downtown Waxahachie's case, the vendors at some of the Farmer's Market stands must pay a ridiculous $150 fee to put up a banner, and then pay another $150 fee to take it down. The estimates I received from participants were from $125 to $150, but this is outrageous.

Since we have a new city council, I fully expect these guys to do the right thing and end this horrendous insulting banner fee.

4 comentarios:

  1. have I said lately what stupid commies make these policies?

  2. question: you said "the vendors at some of the Farmer’s Market stands..."

    can you explain "some"? why only some? what kinds of banners are we talking about?
    where are these banners-- suspended from their private booths?

    i agree that whatever the case that sounds mighty high.
    Have you asked their reasoning yet? that's generally fun to hear....;)

  3. that's why we're *asking questions*, charlotted. :)

    who's throwing food around?

  4. I think Quickway or Oncor helps with the big banner on Ferris as a PR kinda thing. But, I may be wrong.